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How to record a phone call on samsung?

Recording a conversation on an Android phone is much easier than on an iPhone. In this article from spy. family, we will answer the question “how to record a phone call on Samsung,” and we will provide you with possible methods to record a quality call. Be with us.

How to record a phone call on Samsung

To record a conversation on the Android operating system, you need third-party (third-party) tools or applications. But note that many of the applications introduced in this regard could be more reliable; in practice, they do not start your work! For this reason, we decided to introduce the best conversation recording programs on Android. These applications have been well tested and have passed their test among different users.

ACR conversation recording program

The first program to answer the question of how to record a phone call on Samsung is this application, which is easily the ACR application, which stands for Another Call Recorder, the best free call recording tool in the Android operating system. This program lists the recorded conversations based on the contacts’ names and contact numbers. You can use your contacts’ names and contact numbers to search among the recorded files.

One of the most important features of this program is the support of a trash can. This means that deleted conversations are not directly deleted but instead moved to the trash. This way, you can recover some of these files if you want and easily. Other prominent features of ACR include the following:

  •  Delete old conversations automatically
  •  Mark some conversations as important files (your choice)
  •  Ability to select multiple files at the same time to send or delete
  •  Password support for recorded conversations
  •  It is possible to record conversations in MP3 and WAV formats, etc.
  •  Support schedule to start recording.

Note: Some phones may not support the ACR app due to CPU type or built-in settings. This program supports Android 5 and higher versions and has received a score of 3.4 out of 5 from Android users in the Google Play Store.

TapeACall application

The second app to answer the question of how to record a phone call on Samsung this app is wonderful.

The tapeacall application is the best application for recording two-way conversations. This tool automatically works in the background of your mobile phone and records calls. The duration of the conversation is not necessary at all; Tapeacall can record your calls indefinitely.

One of the exciting features of this application is the ability to upload files stored in cloud drives such as Google Drive and Dropbox. Interestingly, Tapeacall even saves your emails as MP3 files.

  • Other notable features of this powerful conversation recording program include the following:
  •  Ability to share recorded files via SMS, Facebook and Twitter
  •  Ability to tag recorded conversations for easy retrieval
  •  Ability to play recorded conversations in the background
  • Tapeacall is fast and reliable. This application allows users to record conversations in HD. In addition, a built-in player is also built into the app to play recorded conversations.

Download the Tapeacall program

Like many other Android applications, the best way to download Tapeacall is to go to the Google Play Store. Just click on the link below to enter the page of this program in the Play Store.

Cube Call Recorder app

One of the oldest programs to answer the question of how to record a phone call on Samsung is this program. If you want to record more than just a phone call, Cube Call Recorder is an ideal choice for you. This application also can record conversations on Skype, Telegram, Viber, etc., and will surprise users with its high flexibility.

The quality of the conversations recorded in this application is excellent, and you won’t have any trouble listening to them again. In addition, you can choose to record all calls or Cube Call Recorder to record only calls from specific contacts.

VoIP based applications

VoIP refers to voice transmission technology over the Internet. Therefore, it is natural that VIP-based applications use an Internet connection and IP to record conversations. Unfortunately, these programs are accompanied by many restrictions in many countries, including Iran. This is the last program to answer the question “how to record a phone call on Samsung”.

 Final words

In this article, spy. family answered the question of how to record a phone call on Samsung, and ways to answer the question were given to Iran. Also, great programs were introduced to you. If you are a user of any of the mentioned programs, share your experiences with us in the comment section.

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