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pcTattletale – Employee & Child Monitoring Software

Smart parents and employers can use employee and child monitoring software. Allows you to see anything your children or employees do on the internet without them knowing.

1 Child & Employee Monitoring Software

Protect Your Company And Your Family

Track social media, text messages, emails, web browsing, video games, and more.

Detect and stop dishonest employee theft and information leaks.

GPS Tracking for Cell Phones

Keep an eye on your employees.

Undetectable to the nth degree

What is the purpose of pcTattletale?

pcTattletale is a child surveillance program. It allows you to monitor your children’s online activities. It is undetectable since it runs invisibly in the background on their devices. They will be completely unaware that you are watching everything they do.

pcTattletale is the only solution that turns their taps and clicks into “YouTube”-like videos. Simply watch the recordings using your confidential pcTattletale account on your phone or computer as they go about their secret online life.

Employee Time Theft Is Discovered

Employee time theft is at an all-time high as more individuals work from home. It’s the most typical sort of company theft.

Recognize what your employees are doing at work, whether they are in the office or working remotely. Check out what they’re up to when they’re working from home. From one single area, they can monitor all of their screens. You can also have remote workers clock in and keep track of their time logged from their computers.

Employees who are leaking information should be caught.

To capture dishonest employees stealing, laundering money, or leaking data, use pcTattletale’s secret agent. Everything is documented and can be used as irrefutable proof. If you suspect an employee or business partner of leaking sensitive company information, pcTattletale can confirm it.

Is PCTattletale a safe program?

pcTattletale has been used by thousands of spouses, families, and employers just like you for over 15 years. The recorded data is kept safe and secure on the cloud. AES Encryption (Advanced Encryption Standard) and SSL (Safeguard Socket Layer) techniques and technologies are used to secure data transit and storage.

Android Surveillance

Without them realizing it, pcTattletale is running in the background. Every time they tap on the screen, you’ll be able to see it. Locate them using their GPS coordinates. Simply watch recorded videos of all their actions on “YouTube.” Versions 5 to 12 of Android are supported. You may keep an eye on them from your phone or a remote PC.

Windows Surveillance

Every click they make on the computer is recorded by pcTattletale. It features a sophisticated keylogger that records all keystrokes and steals passwords. Read the post Best Windows 10 Keylogger for more information. View every email, chat, and the website you’ve visited, among other things. The only solution that displays you screen recordings of everything they do is pcTattletale.

Fast Start in 3 Easy Steps

Create an account by signing up.

Create an account with pcTattletale after purchasing it. Then log in to the website (step 3) to keep an eye on them from afar.

Install the application on their phone or computer.

To install the covert pcTattletale recording app on their device, use a specific download link. The pcTattletale recording app has been hidden.

Remotely monitor activity

The pcTattletale recording program records whatever they do on their phone in video format. Simply log in and see the videos from the web dashboard of pcTattletale. The built-in cell phone tracker of pcTattletale can also be found here.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

What happens if pcTattletale isn’t compatible with my computer?

If you are unhappy with pcTattletale for any reason, we will return your entire purchase price within 60 days… even if it’s the final day

Is it possible to utilize pcTattletale merely with their phone number?

No. You’ll still need to be able to go into their phone and unlock it. pcTattletale installs in about 5 minutes, just like any other Android software.

Will they be aware that I am following them?

No, because pcTattletale runs in the background, they will not be aware that they are being followed.

How can I tell if pcTattletale is compatible with their phone or computer?

All major phones, including Samsung, Google, Huawei, LG, Xiaomi, OnePlus, and others, are compatible with pcTattletale for Android. Android versions 5.0 to 11 are supported by the app. It runs on Windows XP, Vista, 8, 10, and 11. Keep in mind that pcTattletale does not record on iPhones or Macs. You can, however, monitor their activities from any device. You can, for example, watch somebody use their Android phone from your iPhone.

About pcTattletale – Computer and Mobile Recorder/Monitor

It was 2002 when two excellent friends came up with the notion of allowing parents to monitor their children’s online activities. pcTattletale was created by Don Schnure and Bryan Fleming.

The first version of pcTattletale was released after a year of work! It didn’t do much by today’s standards, but it was revolutionary at the time. Parents could now see who their children were chatting with on the internet without them knowing.

Since then, pcTattletale has assisted tens of thousands of parents in keeping their daughters away from pedophiles. It has interfered in a slew of internet cyberbullying instances. It is used by police departments to conduct investigations. pcTattletale has also gained a lot more power!

Businesses began to use pcTattletale to monitor their staff along the road. The software was tweaked to better suit their requirements. Over 1,000 companies now use pcTattletale to keep track of their staff. They can keep track of productivity, theft, and missed hours, among other things.

Bryan Fleming took over the company in 2011 and continues to run it out of Detroit, Michigan. pcTattletale is a virtual corporation with employees and infrastructure located all over the world.

Almost every day, pcTattletale is being actively developed and improved. It continues to make a difference in the lives of parents and employers all over the world.

Android version of pcTattletale

You can see text messages, location, social media, online, email, and more with pcTattletale. All is revealed thanks to groundbreaking screen capturing technology.

Android version of pcTattletale

The All-In-One Android Monitoring Solution is a game-changer.

Social media, text messages, email, web browsing, video games, and more may all be monitored.

Completely undetectable. Track from afar without letting on.

The target Android phone does not need to be rooted.

Cell Phone Tracker tracks their whereabouts invisibly.

Advanced Phone Tracking Software

With incredible accuracy, you can track them wherever they go. Their every move is covertly tracked by pcTattletale. Without their knowledge, it transforms their Android phone into your very own personal GPS tracker gadget.

It keeps track of your exact location.

View the History of the Location

Viewing mode: satellite or maps

Up-to-the-second updates in real-time

Easy-to-use remote monitoring

You can keep an eye on them from anywhere. Simply log into your pcTattletale account on your phone or computer to see their activity. You won’t have to touch their device again once you’ve installed pcTattletale. You may even see them use their device in real-time.


Call Recordings




Thumbnails for Videos

Activities in the App

History of your browser


What is pcTattletale and How Does It Work?

tattletale is the only app that records their Android phone’s screen as they use it. The video recordings are then uploaded in real-time to your online account.

Simply log into the pcTattletale online control panel and watch the “YouTube”-style videos of their actions that have been captured. This web panel is simple to use.

On phones and tablets, it may be accessed using any browser. A sneak peek is provided below.

pcTattletale For Android FAQ – Learn More

Is it necessary to root my Android phone to use pcTattletale?

No. There is no need to root the target device, unlike other Android monitoring apps.

Is it possible to utilize pcTattletale merely with their phone number?

No. You’ll still need to be able to go into their phone and unlock it. pcTattletale installs in about 5 minutes, just like any other Android software.

Will they be aware that I am following them?

No, because pcTattletale runs in the background, they will not be aware that they are being followed.

How many devices can I keep track of at once?

You can monitor up to three devices at once with your initial purchase. For a modest price, you can easily add extra devices.

Windows version of pcTattletale

Windows Monitoring Solution That Is Revolutionary

Social media, email, web browsing, video games, and more are all monitored.

Completely undetectable

Keylogger built-in

Remotely monitor activity

Keylogger with advanced features

Every key that has been pressed is visible. Find out what their passwords are. All action is tracked and broken down so that you can simply find what you’re looking for. You can also download the videos and recordings of keystroke activity.

pcTattletale For Windows FAQ – Learn More

My children each have their own Windows login. Is pctattletale still functional?

Yes, pcTattletale will keep track of everyone who uses the computer. Even if they use a different username and password.

Is it possible to run pcTattletale on two monitors?

Yes. In the same video, both monitors are combined. The monitor on which they are working will be the one you see.

Will they be aware that I am following them?

No, because pcTattletale runs in the background, they will not be aware that they are being followed.

How many devices can I keep track of at once?

You can monitor up to three devices at once with your initial purchase. For a modest price, you can easily add extra devices.

pcTattletale is a free version of pcTattletale.

There is no need to use a credit card. The purpose of the Free Trial is to demonstrate to you how it works. To utilize all of the features, you must upgrade your account. To discover more, watch the video.

pcTattletale Testimonials

So you’ve been on the lookout for a good keylogger or espionage program. You’ve discovered pcTattletale. Is it, however, any good? I’ll offer you a full pctattletale evaluation in this article. Finally, I’ll provide links to various third-party websites where you can read or view videos from our consumers.

Review of pcTattletale

pcTattletale is a keylogger and remote spying software. It is compatible with Windows, Android, and iPhone. What you need to know is that it does not necessitate rooting their Android handset. You also don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone to use it. This is crucial when you consider other options.

TIP: Jailbreaking or rooting your device reduces the security features built into it. It gives apps a lot more control over your device. It is a difficult task. To pull it off, you’ll need some technical skills. We advise against using solutions that necessitate jailbreaking or rooting.

It’s not easy to jailbreak an iPhone. It is required by the majority of spy software and keyboard logger suppliers. SpyBubble is an example of this. pcTattletale, on the other hand, is not one of them. Your warranty will be void if you jailbreak your iPhone. The goal of pcTattletale has been to provide you with as much information as possible without having to jailbreak your iPhone. This is also true for Android.

You just install the program on the device (or computer) you want to record with pcTattletale. Simply log on to our website to access the recordings. As a result, it is a true remote keylogger. You won’t have to touch their device again once you’ve installed pcTattletale. You can give it to them and then monitor their every step using your phone, tablet, or another computer.

Click here to try pcTattletale for free.

pcTattletale review – Keylogger and spy software for Windows

Every mouse click is recorded by pcTattletale for Windows. It takes those clicks and converts them into simple YouTube-style movies that you can watch on our site (You can even watch from your smartphone).

Take note of how you can see all of the typical video controls. The video can be viewed. Frames in advance. Return to the previous page. You may even advance to other parts of the movie by using the progress bar at the bottom.

We also provide a lovely bar graph of their click activity. It allows you to notice things like your children playing video games late at night when they should be in bed for school the next day. What about long periods of inactivity for a salaried employee? Lunch breaks that last an hour?

Here’s a quick diagram that explains how all of the video controls work:

The keylogger in pcTattletale for Windows is fantastic. It not only records all of their keystrokes (including their Facebook password), but it also inserts them into the video. So you can see what they were typing as you watch the movie.

Windows Installation Made Simple

pcTattletale installs like any other software app on any Windows PC. If you can install Microsoft Word on their machine, you can install pcTattletale as well. To learn how to install pcTattletale on Windows, visit How to Install pcTattletale on Windows.

What if you don’t know your Windows password?

What if you don’t have access to their Windows sign-in credentials? It’s no problem. Simply log in to your computer account (or make your account). When you install pcTattletale on your computer, it will keep track of who uses it. Even if you have no idea what their password is.

You can view everything they do on the computer with pcTattletale for Windows. It makes no difference if they try to deceive you by using “private browsing” mode. It will still be seen by pcTattletale.

Review of pcTattletale, an Android keylogger

The most important thing to remember is that you do not need to root your Android device to use pcTattletale. If you’ve been looking for Android keyloggers, you’ve probably come across this. pcTattletale for Android is, in our opinion, the greatest option. Let’s have a look at why that is.

pcTattletle for Android, like our Windows version, takes a screenshot every time the user touches the screen. We make movies out of those screenshots, which you may see on our site:

Take a look at the image above. You’ll see the same video controls that are available on Windows. You, too, have a click chart.

You may see videos of what they do on Android. You may see people typing text messages or emails on their phones. What you need to know is that these videos will show you how to use Android’s keylogging feature. There isn’t a way to extract the keystrokes out without rooting the device as we can with Windows. We just did not want anyone to do that for the reasons stated at the beginning of the post.

Installing a Spy App on Android Is Simple

It’s simple to install pcTattletale for Android on their device. It’s exactly like installing any other software from the Google Play store. More information can be found in this article: how to install Android on a PCTattletale

pctattletale – iPhone keylogger review

The iPhone version of pcTattletale is a whole other animal. Why? We couldn’t develop an app that ran invisibly and made videos in the same way we could for Android or Windows. Apple’s iOS is simply too restricted. When you look for iPhone keyloggers on Google, you’ll notice that they all require you to jailbreak your costly iPhone. Don’t do it, or your warranty will be voided, and your iPhone will be broken.

We can accomplish some incredible things using pcTattletale for iPhone. The best thing is that you don’t have to touch their phone or install any apps. Read this article to learn how to set up pcTattletale for iPhone: How to Setup pcTattletale for iPhone.

Spying on iPhone Text Messages

With pcTattletale for iPhone, we show you every text message they ever sent. Even the ones from a long time ago. You simply need to log in to our website to see them:

We also show you who they have phoned in the past. Every single website they’ve ever visited. We also display all of their contact information.

iPhone GPS tracking with advanced features

tattletale’s sophisticated GPS location tracking is probably the most astounding thing it can accomplish with iPhone. We can track them for up to a year and record everything they do. From the pcTattletale website, you can see where they are and where they went:

Assume your hubby is working on Friday. When you open pctattletlae, you discover that he is not at work at all. He’s staying in a hotel.

How about the first date for your daughter? Wouldn’t it be nice to know where she is right now? Especially if it’s late and she hasn’t yet returned home? You can see pcTattetale at the Friday night football game if you look at her Facebook page. 6th row

Again. The important thing to remember about pcTattletale for iPhone is that there is no app to download. You don’t even have to know their unlock code. It is even possible to connect pcTattletale to their iPhone from hundreds of kilometers away. They will be completely unaware that you are now able to see exactly where they are standing. You’ve also just received every text message they’ve ever sent.

Customer Feedback on pcTattletale

Take our word for it, but don’t take our word for it. Look it up on the internet to see what other people have to say about it. Here are some places where you can find reviews from our clients on third-party sites:

Price and Money-Back Guarantee for pcTattleatle

pcTattletale’s price scheme is probably its strongest feature. It is based on a yearly membership that can be canceled at any moment. Because of the costs of storing all of your data online so you can access it from anywhere, we employ a subscription approach. For $99. you may get started with pcTattletale. This will allow you to record for up to 7 days on up to 3 devices.

You can mix and combine those three devices as you see fit. You might need to keep track of three Windows PCs. Perhaps a Windows PC, an Android phone, and an Amazon Kindle Fire HD are involved.

The majority of key logger and spy software vendors do not provide a money-back guarantee. You should use caution while purchasing software from them. What happens if it doesn’t work out? You’ve lost all of your money.

We at pcTattletale are confident in the quality of our products. We’re confident you’ll find what you’re looking for. If this is not the case, we will return your entire purchase price.

So, what exactly are you waiting for? You’re not in any danger. You may download and try pcTattletale for free.

pcTattletale Testimonials

Review of PCTattleTale: Everything You Need To Know About This Spy App

Are you contemplating PCTattleTale, a monitoring software? Take a look at our PCTattleTale review to see what this app has to offer.

Do you or your family frequently use electronic devices in your daily lives?

As time passes, life becomes increasingly digital. Our dependence on smartphones and computers is growing by the minute, from simple communication to education and job.

Unfortunately, this makes it easier for evil actors to take advantage of the technology. Using monitoring software can undoubtedly help you, whether you’re a parent concerned about your children’s screen usage or an employer looking to eliminate distractions in the workplace.

PCTattleTale is an example of this. We’ll examine all this app has to offer in this in-depth PCTattleTale review to see if it’s the appropriate fit for your case.

PCTattleTale Advantages

Nobody likes a snitch, or so the saying goes.

However, if you need a tattletale to keep your family safe and your workplace free of distractions, it would be a welcome addition to your life.

PCTattleTale’s major purpose is to achieve this.

If you believe your children or employees are wasting too much time on the internet, you should take steps to address the issue. You won’t be able to perform this efficiently unless you have a dependable spy app.

PCTattletale is a program that allows you to keep track of your computer’

The unique arsenal of PCTattleTale sets it apart from other similar monitoring tools.

PCTattleTale does not have various modules to track specialized features; instead, it simply captures everything on the device’s screen.

You don’t receive all of the features that other spy applications have, but you do get everything you need for comprehensive surveillance.

If you have children, you may just go through their screen recordings to see what they were doing at any given time.

Employers and their staff, on the other hand, are the ideal consumers of this program. You can use this software to keep track of everything your employee does on their corporate mobile. This information can then be used for performance evaluations, investigations, and guidance.

Despite its simplicity, this program can provide a lot of value for your money. Its monthly membership pricing starts at $99 for three devices, with the option to add more if necessary.

Interested? To purchase a subscription, go to this page right now!

But don’t panic if you’re still on the fence about this app. In the following PC Tattletale review, I’ll go over everything you need to know about this app in depth.

Review of PCTattleTale

As previously stated, this review will look at every aspect of this app to evaluate if PCTattleTale lives up to its claims of being a simple yet efficient monitoring tool.

I’ll be testing the free trial version on an unrooted Android handset and a Windows computer for this evaluation.


Every monitoring app has a dashboard where you can see all of your important data at a glance.

The most frequently called and texted contact, GPS position, and device information are all included in most dashboards. This allows you to analyze the device’s general summary without having to go into its specific features.

There isn’t anything like that in the PCTattleTale app. Both the Android and PC versions of the dashboard have the same look and feel, as well as the same functions.

You’ll just see a barebones window that displays the devices you’ve attached because the program can only capture the screen. It doesn’t provide any other information save the device name and the date of the latest update.

This is a major letdown, especially considering that competing providers provide far more capabilities than simply a simple recording capability.

It does, however, include a few more features that aren’t normally found in other monitoring applications. You may tell the app to stop using mobile data, rename the device, change the timezone, and unlink it from the trashcan icon all from afar.

Main Characteristics

Phone with Android

You’ll notice another blank window if you click on the associated Android device identifier on the dashboard.

There are only two features: Activity and Location Trackers.

Activity Logger

The major feature of the app is the activity recorder. PCTattleTale can then record all of the actions that the Android smartphone takes.

PCTattletale is a program that allows you to keep track of your computer’

This is an excellent approach to keeping tabs on your children’s online activities. After all, their display can’t lie, so you’ll be able to see all that’s going on.

Employers can use the activity recorder capability to ensure that business devices aren’t being used for inappropriate purposes, which increases the benefits tenfold. It can also assist employers in determining whether or not their staff are misbehaving.

A simple video player with the normal controls — forward, backward, pause, and fullscreen – is displayed on the UI. It also offers a ‘Live’ button if you wish to see the screen in real-time.

If you scroll down, you’ll find a section called Click Activity, which displays basic metrics such as the most active time of day for the device based on the number of clicks.

Unfortunately, I believe this program will disappoint some users, at least from the perspective of a spy app user.

To begin with, it does not record in secret.

Every time I started recording during my trial, a notification appeared on my test device. It continued to appear even after I tapped the Do Not Show This Again option.

In addition, there was an indicator icon on the top of the device’s notification bar, which served as a continual reminder that the screen was being recorded.

It also can’t record Netflix or display browsers that are in Incognito mode. I tried using Incognito mode on Chrome, but it didn’t show up in the PCTattleTale window.

Track Your Location

Knowing where the target device is located can be quite useful, whether you’re a parent or a manager.

It assists you as a parent in keeping your children safe by allowing you to know where they are at all times. It’s also useful to know if your staff are where they should be at key times as an employer.

Most spy apps come equipped with GPS and geofencing capabilities. Some, such as mSpy and uMobix, even have additional tools that let you personalize your geofences.

Unfortunately, even though PCTattleTale claims to have this feature as well, it did not work.

The app was unable to detect the device’s position after using the Location Tracking feature. I even turned on my GPS, but PCTattleTale was still unable to complete the task.

Download a video

You may also download the recorded movies by clicking the download symbol next to the timestamp.

PC (Windows)

The barebones dashboard on the Windows PC or computer version is identical to that in the mobile version.

Although they’re nearly identical, there is one significant difference: the PC version lacks a location tracking capability.

So, while you can use the feature on Android, you won’t be able to do so on a computer.

Activity Logger

PCTattleTale’s main aim, as you may guess from the name, is to be a PC monitoring software.

To be fair, it does have some unique capabilities, such as a video recorder, a keylogger, and analytics for Click Activity.

Making a video

The ability to record a video of a PC screen is PCTattleTale’s main allure, thus it’s no surprise that the PC version was far superior to the mobile version.

For one thing, there was no visible evidence of the recording activity.

The app was available to use as soon as the installation was completed. The best part is that it was kept concealed by default. You probably wouldn’t suspect anything if you had no notion that monitoring software was installed on the computer.

I even looked for it in the Windows Apps & Features section, but it wasn’t there.

Everything on the screen could be recorded by the app. Nothing escaped PCTattleTale, not a single deed, nor a single click.

There was no sign on the observed PC that there was any kind of live monitoring going on the entire time.

Recorder of Activities

The activity recorder takes track of everything that happens on the target PC.

This is a feature that is not available in the mobile version of the app. Not only will you have a visual record of the activities taken, but you’ll also see them listed in a list format with a screenshot of the activity.

This is a very handy feature for situations that can’t be recorded on the screen, such as actions on Netflix.

You can also use this feature to look for certain keywords. If you want to keep an eye on questionable actions but don’t have the time to go through hours of screen film, this is a good option.

PCTattleTale makes it easier and more effective to keep watch on your children or employees by eliminating the need to filter through extensive recordings to uncover particular instances of suspected infractions.

Go to Activity Tracker and select it.

Finally, PCTattleTale has a click activity monitor.

As previously said, this is also available on the mobile version. This version, on the other hand, can only record the number of clicks that occur at a specific time of day.

Because the PC version is more complex, you can also see where the clicks are occurring.

As a result, you’ll be able to identify which application or activity your target spends the most time with. For example, you can see that the target device made a lot of clicks on Facebook Messenger and the Brave browser in this screenshot. You can also notice that these clicks took place around 3 p.m.

This is a useful analytical tool that allows you to see what your employee or youngster is doing on the computer at any given time.

Download a video

You can also download the video to your device for later use, just as on the mobile version. This is done by clicking the download symbol next to the timestamp.

This is especially beneficial if you wish to store the video recordings indefinitely but only have a 7-day storage subscription.

Battery Life Expectancy

Because it’s impossible to tell whether the program has depleted a computer’s battery, this piece of my PCTattleTale review only applies to the mobile version.

It’s critical for any espionage program to use as little battery power as possible from the target device. Significant battery usage will rapidly tell the target device that something unusual is going on in the background.

If you want to keep your tracking activities hidden, choose monitoring software that doesn’t use a lot of battery, doesn’t overheat the phone, and doesn’t trigger the phone’s battery-saving system apps.

Unfortunately, even though PCTattleTale worked in the background without overheating the trial device, I did notice a substantially faster battery depletion.

I wasn’t doing anything unusual while using the app, so I attributed it to PCTattleTale. After I deleted the app, the phone’s battery consumption reverted to normal, confirming my assumptions.

This isn’t a good thing because it can rapidly alert the user that the target device may be malfunctioning.

Installation Procedural Ease

The installation process is one of the most vexing aspects of using monitoring software.

Here, I’ll go over each step of the PCTattleTale setup procedure and assess how easy or difficult it is to get started with this monitoring program.

Before I begin, I should point to you that, while PCTattleTale is a paid site, they do provide a seven-day free trial. Create a free account on their website to take advantage of this.

Android mobile phone

Log in with your email address and password if you’ve already purchased a subscription.

Create a free account initially if you’re only interested in trying out the app.

Step 2: Add A Device will appear in the following window.

You must select the device to monitor in the next window. For this area, I’m monitoring an Android device, so I picked Add an Android or Kindle.

Again, you have two choices: Install With Computer or Install Without Computer. For the time being, we’ll stick with the second option.

PCTattleTale will then send you a link to download the software and install it on your device.

To prevent Play Protect from preventing the installation, you must first disable it before moving on to the next step. Tap your profile photo or initials in the top-right area of Google Play.

Tap the gear symbol in the upper-right corner of the menu.

Right next to the Scan apps with the Play Protect option, tap the green toggle button.

You’ll get a warning from Google Play, but ignore it and press Turn off again.

Google Play Protect has been turned off.

Now that you’ve gotten that out of the way, go ahead and open your mobile browser and enter in the link.

Because you’re not downloading from a traditional source, your phone will alert you that the software you’re going to download may harm your device. To begin the download and installation procedure, simply tap “Allow.”

To proceed, launch the app and select Start Now after it has been installed.

The app will go through the process of requesting permissions. “All right, I’ve got it!” tap “All right, I’ve got it!” tap ” “to proceed to the next stage.

PCTattleTale will then take you to your phone’s Settings menu, where you may enable it to read app alerts. The app will be labeled as “Android,” which you should tap.

Check to see if it’s set to Allow.

Return to the setup page by pressing the back button, and then repeat the process for all other permissions, such as the one shown below.

Go to the Dashboard on your web platform by selecting “Dashboard” from the four-line symbol in the top-right corner of the screen.

Your device’s current state should be displayed on the Dashboard. If the screenshot below looks like this, you’ve successfully installed PCTattleTale on your Android.

PC (Windows)

On Windows PCs, PCTattleTale is also accessible. The installation procedure for the desktop version differs slightly from that of the mobile version.

The preliminary processes, however, are the same. Simply sign up for an account or log in to get started.

As previously stated, you must choose the Windows Computer installation option. Below that selection, click the Next button.

The personalized download link will then be sent to you. To copy a link, press the Copy Link button.

Copy the link and paste it into the URL area of your browser.

The file on the webpage will be downloaded automatically when you click the link. Simply press the Save button and wait for the download to complete.

Temporarily stop your PC’s antivirus protection while the software is downloading to avoid it from obstructing the installation or deleting the file.

As a safety precaution, your browser may also block the file. You can save the file by going to your browser’s Downloads box and selecting “Keep a risky file.”

If the warning appears again, simply click “Keep anyhow.”

You’ve successfully downloaded the setup file to your PC if the Setup shows in your Downloads folder. To continue, double-click and run the file, then wait for the installation procedure to complete.

This simple message will appear if the software has been installed properly.

Open your browser that’s not on the target PC and navigate to the PCTattleTale online platform. To access the dashboard, click the four-bar symbol in the top-right area of the screen.

Check to verify if the target PC is already listed in the Monitored Devices category.


You won’t be able to use a monitoring app no matter how amazing it is if your target devices are incompatible.

Fortunately, PCTattleTale works with Android OS, which is utilized by 71% of the world’s population.

You won’t have to worry about compatibility if you have an Android phone or a Kindle because this app is compatible with all versions on the market.

One of the best features of this spy tool is that, unlike most popular spy apps on the market, such as mSpy and uMobix, it can be installed on a Windows PC. In addition, the pricing is the same for both the mobile and PC versions.

Plus, you may monitor both a Windows PC and an Android device with a single contract. There’s no reason to pay for the other version again.

If you’re an iPhone user, though, you’re out of luck because PCTattleTale isn’t accessible on iOS. If you’re planning to use the app on an iOS device, you should look into other surveillance apps.


There are three price tiers in PCTattleTale: Family, Family Plus, and Business. The features are the same for all membership tiers. The only difference is the amount of storage they have.

The Family tier is the most basic, costing $99.00 a month for three devices. You receive 7 days of storage with this subscription tier, and you can add another device for $33.00.

Following that is the Family Plus membership, which does not increase the number of devices covered but does increase storage capacity by storing the previous 30 days of video records. The monthly fee is $147.00, with an additional device costing $49.00.

Choose the Business tier for $297.00 per month if you want the most storage. It still covers three devices, but now includes one year of storage and $99.00 for any additional device — for comprehensive security and monitoring that can be stored for the whole year.

What I Enjoyed

Version for PC that is capable. In comparison to the smartphone version, the PC version of this surveillance tool was significantly more capable. It also had an activity recorder and a more detailed click activity tracker, unlike the smartphone version, which had no visible signs.

Installation is simple and does not require root access. The PCTattleTale software did not require any particular knowledge to install, unlike most spy apps on the market. You may complete the task in less than 10 minutes, which is ideal if you wish to spy on the target device invisibly. Unlike several other espionage programs on the market, the Android version did not require rooting.

There is a free trial available. To begin using PCTattleTale, you do not need to purchase a subscription. You get a 7-day trial period just for joining up for a free account, so you can try out the features and see whether they work for you.

What I Didn’t Care For

There are numerous difficulties with the Android version. The app’s mobile version contains flaws that drastically impair the user experience and information quality. The video recorder is detectable, the software lacks an activity tracker, and the click tracker isn’t very detailed. The GPS tracker did not operate during my trial.

It’s quite pricey. Even though the PC version worked well, I believe the PCTattleTale price is a bit high, especially because the Android version is still quite problematic. Plus, it doesn’t have nearly enough features to justify the price.

It is devoid of features. Many spy applications can not only record videos but also offer a wider range of capabilities for the same fee.

This results in substantial battery depletion. Spy apps must be undetectable, or the target would notice the changes in their devices immediately. Although PCTattleTale did not cause overheating or decreased performance when installed, it did cause a notable battery drain, which is bad if you wish to remain anonymous.


Is PCTattleTale a safe program?

PCTattleTale is completely secure. Although your phone may flag it as such if it’s your first time installing it, it’s neither a virus nor a security risk. Additionally, while your information is stored on the server, PCTattleTale will not have access to it, ensuring your privacy.

Is it possible to detect PCTattleTale?

Unfortunately, PCTattleTale can be detected on Android. The PC version is fairly discrete, however, there are various indicators that a spy app is installed on the target phone with the Android version. As with other surveillance programs, this should not be the case.

Is PCTattleTale a genuine website?

PCTattleTale is a legitimate application. I even wrote this evaluation using the free trial version. Even though Play Protect and browser apps may try to ban it, I didn’t have any security issues during or after installation.

Is It Worth It, PCTattleTale?

We learned in this PCTattleTale review that this monitoring software provides a very specialized service. Is it, therefore, worthwhile?

If you’re searching for a capable spy tool that you can use to watch your children’s or workers’ digital activity, especially in video mode, PCTattleTale might be worth a try.

However, if you want more comprehensive protection and monitoring, including access to the target device’s files and data, you should search elsewhere.

After all, there are lots of lower-cost competitors, such as uMobix, FlexiSpy, or XNSpy, that provide a more extensive variety of monitoring features.

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The PC version performs admirably.

Installation is simple.

There’s no need to root it.

There is a 7-day free trial available.


The Android version needs to be improved.

There aren’t many features.

Given its qualities, it comes at a steep price.

On Android, it causes a substantial power drain.

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