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How to track an iPhone with another iPhone?

iPhone hacking is one of the topics that there are many differences of opinion about the possibility of hacking. Totally, it should be accepted that in a company like Apple, which is a superpower technology, a large security team is upgrading and updating programs every day. So that in this article on Spy Family we will explain is tracking iPhone possible or not and we will talk about how to track an iPhone with another iPhone.

How to track an iPhone with another iPhone?

The high security of Apple products has always been one of the claims of this company. This has been proven in statistical comparisons. iOS phones, mac laptops and other products of this company have had much less hacking statistics than similar products in other companies. However, this is not to say that hacking an iPhone is not possible. In the following we will mention some apps to how to track an iPhone with another iPhone.

  1. LocaToWeb
  3. Map My Run by Under Armour
  4. GPS Phone Tracker
  5. Glympse
  6. FollowMee GPS Location Tracker
  7. Family Locator and GPS Tracker
  8. Find My Friends

How to track an iPhone with another iPhone?

Signs of iPhone hacking

In addition we explain about how to track an iPhone with another iPhone, maybe you are wondered what are signs of iPhone hacking. In this case, we explain some signs, pay attention to these following signs:

  • The phone drains the battery faster than before. (But sometimes maybe it is for Battery problems)
  • Phone applications run automatically.
  • Your email or messages are read without you ever opening them.
  • Things are being typed on the keyboard that you are sure you didn’t write yourself.
  • Call history, contacts, message and email may have unknown entries that you did not create.

Reasons for high security of iPhones

To describe about how to track an iPhone with another iPhone, we mentioned high security of iPhones. Now we will give you some reasons for this.

1. Avoiding from unknown sources and Jailbreaking the phone

Apple Company to increase the security of its phones, has closed this way of infiltrating the phone. Normally, in order to access iOS applications, you can only go to the app-store.

This website analyzes the software in every way and software is presented on this site that does not pose a security risk to your phone. But sometimes the unknowing user puts his phone in a situation where malicious programs enter the phone.

2. More updates

It is normal for iPhone and iPad users to receive about three or four major updates. Meanwhile, many Android owners will not receive a new update even after two years.

Every year, Apple releases a new major iOS update along with new iPhones. Even the iPhone 5S has been updated since 2013. Additionally, Apple releases smaller updates every few weeks designed to fix minor bugs.

Find a lost iPhone using Find My iPhone software

One of the best and fastest ways to answer the question How to track an iPhone with another iPhone? Using Find My iPhone software. You can easily find your lost iPhone by following the steps below.

  1. Go to / find using your browser or run the Find My app from another Apple device. Then register for these services and enter your account.
  2. By registering for this service, finding a lost iPhone will no longer be difficult. Whenever you can’t find your phone, just go to and choose Find iPhone. In this section, finding your phone’s location will be displayed on the map. Also, if the phone is near you, you can activate the option to play the alert and track its sound.
  3. If you feel your iPhone has been stolen, select the Mark As a Lost option on this website. This will cause your phone to be locked remotely and require a password defined by you. Also, in the case of activating the stolen iPhone option, your phone number will be displayed on the lock screen by default so that if someone finds it, they can easily track down the owner and return the phone. In addition, the location of your phone will be tracked as soon as possible. It should be noted that if the phone is stolen, the possibility of paying through the Apple Pay service is completely blocked.
  4. To find your lost or stolen iPhone, you can report the matter to the police. In this situation, the police may ask you for the device’s serial number. Finding your iPhone will be easier with Apple ID.
  5. If your device is registered as lost or stolen in the AppleCare+ service, you can file an official complaint for it being stolen or stolen. In this case, skip the next step and continue the steps from part 7. When your iPhone is lost, you can remotely wipe all its data. In this case, all your information (including credit card data, Apple Pay service, etc.) will be deleted from your device. But in this case, you cannot find your phone using the Find My iPhone program or the service.
  6. In other words, after deleting all the information, it will not be possible to track it. In this case, the possibility of activating the phone lock will be lost, and the person who found it will be able to turn on your phone. Deleting data is only an ideal option for the necessary and specific ones.
  7. By reporting the loss of your iPhone to the network operator, you can prevent others from making calls, sending messages, or using its internet data. Your phone may be in the coverage area of ​​your operator.
  8. Finally, it is better to remove the phone from the list of trusted devices before finding your lost or stolen iPhone.

How to track an iPhone with another iPhone?

At the end

When it comes to phone security, operating system plays the most important role and it all depends on the operating system you choose. As we told, iPhone has more security because of many reasons that we mentioned some of them in the last paragraph. How to track an iPhone with another iPhone, was the topic that we explain in this article from Spy Family. Also we give you information about signs of iPhone hacking. We hope this article can be useful to you.

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