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How to track mobile location by WhatsApp?

WhatsApp messengers have become one of the most popular active applications in the field of social media. In addition to the ability to send and receive messages, this app allows you to locate through WhatsApp. In this article on SPY Family, we want to talk about How to track mobile location by WhatsApp? Stay with us to learn more about this and learn how to work with WhatsApp spy app to track others.

WhatsApp location tracking

Location tracking on WhatsApp is useful when you want to give directions to your friends. You can send your location on WhatsApp to your friends or other people. This feature is very suitable when you want to find your friend or someone. As WhatsApp provides the location feature, you can also track the location of your friends. There are various methods that can help you track the location of your friends on WhatsApp. In the following, we want to explain these methods to you.

How to track mobile location by WhatsApp?

There are several ways for tracking location on WhatsApp; Here we want to explain some of the best and easy ways for you:

1: The main way to track location using WhatsApp

First of all, open your WhatsApp and go to the chat of the contact whose location you want to track and ask him to send the live location from his WhatsApp. If you want to share with more than two people, you can create a group of people and share locations in the group chat. (If you want, you can do these actions using the person’s phone in hand.)

To share a live location, follow these steps:

1. In order to share your location, your friend must approve location sharing permission for WhatsApp.

2. Open the desired chat and click on the attachment icon. This will open a new menu.

3. Click on Location from the list to open a new page

4. Now click on share live location option on that page.

5. After doing this, you can choose how long to keep the location live in the chat. Available options are 15 minutes, 1 hour and 8 hours. Select the desired time and click on share.

6. The location is shared with the recipient.

After doing these steps, you can click on the received location, and you will be redirected to the Maps app inside your phone and see the location of the sender. It’s really easy! You can stop sharing by clicking the stop sharing option from the chat.

2: Using a third-party WhatsApp spy app

By using this third party app, you can easily track the location. Since this application is based on GPS functionality, you can ensure accurate location identification. The app is also available for Android users, and it has other spying capabilities besides tracking the location of WhatsApp. Since this app is hidden on the target device, location tracking becomes easy and accurate.

If you want to know how to track mobile location by WhatsApp? We should say no technical knowledge is required to use this WhatsApp tracker. You have to just install the app like any other regular app and configure it to enjoy its amazing features!

3: Using Command Prompt and WhatsApp Web

Before we start, note that tracking someone via Command Prompt is not easy for everyone. This method only works with WhatsApp Web, follow the steps below to start tracking someone’s location.

Step 1: Launch WhatsApp web on your PC and open the chat page of the person you want to track and get their IP address.

Step 2: Close all running background programs, except the browser you are working in. To do this, press CTRL + ALT + Delete and open the Task Manager.

Step 3: By pressing Windows + R button on your keyboard to launch the Run window. In the opened box, write CMD and click the ok button.

Step4: On the opened page, type the following command and enter: netstat-an

Step5: You will see the IP address of the person whose chat is open on WhatsApp Web.

Step6: Write down the IP address from the command line and go to https://www.iptrackeronline.com.

Step7: Enter the IP address in the search bar on the website and press enter.

Now, you will see the location of your WhatsApp contact.


In this post on Spy Family we talked about tracking location on WhatsApp and we taught you How to track mobile location by WhatsApp? We explained 3 ways to do this step by step, so if you want to do tracking, follow the steps mentioned. We also introduce you WhatsApp spy app that you can use for tracking others.

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