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How to spy on Instagram activity?

Many of us look at the social media and Instagram of our friends from time to time, and we may have thought about how to spy on Instagram activity. Stay with Spy Family in the rest of this article to explain more about this.

Can you spy on someone through Instagram?

If you are a member of the Instagram social network and are active in it, you must have a large number of friends and followers whose posts are displayed on your Instagram home page every day, and you like them. But you may be wondering if it is possible to find out which posts others have recently liked, commented on or even which users have recently followed?!

The answer is yes. Suppose you’re looking for a way to find out how to spy on Instagram activity. In that case, it is interesting to know that in the previous versions of Instagram, there was a section where you could see all the activities of your friends and followers, including their likes and comments and those who have recently followed.

Can you track activity on Instagram?

To see your friends’ activity on Instagram, if you are using old versions, just tap on the heart-shaped icon from the bottom bar of this application. Now select FOLLOWING from the top bar of Instagram. After that, you will see a list of activities of all your followers who had done them recently, sorted by the time they were done. This list includes the three main activities of other people’s liked posts, their comments and opinions on Instagram posts, and users who have recently followed.

In front of each of the texts in this list, the time of doing it is also displayed; for example, 1m one minute ago, 2h two hours ago and 3d three days ago, the corresponding activity was done by the follower. You can tap on the liked posts of your friends in this section to view or even like them and see the users recently followed by others in this section, tap on their username and enter their profile.

How to spy on Instagram activity?

On the other hand, there are other ways to spy on someone’s Instagram activity. Because the feature mentioned has been removed in new versions of the Instagram application and does not exist, if you intend to be informed of user activities, you must use third-party applications. There are many spy apps that you can install and use the spying features that they provide.

Here we have prepared a list of examples of spying applications for you to check the Instagram activities of people you want, such as your children, spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend, employees, etc.

  1. eyeZy
  2. Spy 24
  3. UMobix
  4. FlexiSpy
  5. mSpy
  6. Hoverwatch
  7. Spyzie
  8. iSpyoo
  9. Mobile Spy
  10. MobiStealth

How do you spy on Instagram activity? By installing these apps, you can use their other spying capabilities in addition to spying on the Instagram account of the person you want. Instagram spy is a functional feature embedded on these spy applications so that you can use them to find out about the activities of others if needed.

Spy apps for Instagram are one of the ways to monitor someone’s Instagram activity. They are mostly used to keep children safe from online predators, or some employers also use these tools to ensure everything is going well with their business. If you want to be able to monitor a device remotely, spy apps are what you need!


One of the most challenging but best ways to answer the question How to spy on Instagram activity? is to use this. Professionals can hack Instagram through exploits, which are simple codes. By using the same command or codes, the person can access the system or account of the person in question, delete all the information and posts published on the page, and put new information and posts on the page.

But the exploits must be strong to hack other people’s pages on Instagram. Some sites sell strong and appropriate exploits; Therefore, to do your work successfully, using this method has its own complications, but it brings good results for you. Using this method, you will get access to all the details of e-commerce and you don’t need to hack all the sections one by one like Direct.


  • Hack all the details
  • Easy access to the account
  • No programming knowledge is required

Instagram hack with social engineering

The strangest way to answer the question How to spy on Instagram activity? People who hack Instagram consider hacking the page a social engineering method as one of the most dangerous methods people can use to hack. But the social engineering method has a fundamental difference from other methods.

In this method, you must approach the person whose page you want to hack and, through communication with this person, provide the required information, such as the password. In this way, you should gain the trust of the page owner.

But you should note that you should not ask him questions one after another because, in this case, he will suspect you and not provide you with any information. You should not rely on this method because it may be a problem for you, but if you are a little careful, with a bit of intelligence, you can easily access all the accounts of the person in question

To sum up

If you want to know how to spy on Instagram activity, the most common methods include using an Instagram spy app that we have talked about on Spy Family. Using this method is easy and safe for you, the only thing you have to do is to have temporary access to the target device. After that, you can easily spy on and track their Instagram activity!

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