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How to see Viber online status?

Viber is an application that created in 2010 and as a messaging app, it has seen very little progress. Currently, more than 200 million users use this software in 193 countries, but for what? In this article from Spy family we want get to know you How to see Viber online status? How to hide online status? And What happens when you turn off seen status on Viber? (Viber online status not showing) Viber seen status off, How to see last seen on Viber even if hidden, etc.

How to see Viber online status?

For Viber users is possible calling and texting to their friends and family living abroad. You might need to know if they are online to be able to make a call or receive an answer to your message right away. Ways of see someone online status:

  1. Open the Viber app and go to Calls.
  2. Then, click on Viber in the right menu to exclude contacts that don’t have the Viber app.
  3. Choose a contact and tap on it. In the top under its name you will see its actual status (Online or last seen).

Viber online status not showing

Knowing How to hide online status is easy and it has a few step. So you can learn conveniently

  • First of all you can gosetting part in Viber.
  • Then click on privacy.
  • We have an option (share online status).
  • There is blue tick next it.
  • Now we should remove two blue tick next to them.

As we told, it was easy to disable the option of notifying of the time of your last activity in the messenger like explanation of How to see Viber online status? But before you hide your “online” status, read the information about all the consequences of these actions.

What happens when you turn off seen status on Viber?

By prohibiting the display of online status and hiding the date time of the last Viber visit, with using Viber online status not showing feature, other participants of the message service cannot see this information.

 Enable or disable status playback “Online”. Available once every 24 hours. It is not possible to selectively cancel the transfer of online status to other Viber members, all account holders in the messenger lose access to data at the same time. The only way to hide the visiting time of a single person is to block this you have learnt, you can hide your last seen and others can not  see your Viber online status.

How to see last seen on Viber even if hidden?

As we told that we can hide our online status there is another way for understanding hidden last seen. There is an app that we can use it to understand online status. It is Viber spy app that is a kind of spy application and has other useful option such as: It can view the Viber chat list, call log information, time and talking logs, etc.

 Viber seen status off

Sometimes you don’t want the person that you are chatting with, understand that you have seen his messages. You can hide your seen and no one will understand that you saw their massage. For hiding your “seen”:

  1. You should click on Navicon on the main page.
  2. Then go setting.
  3. You should remove blue tick next to (Send ‘Seen’ Status)

Understanding massage status

In addition to make Viber Seen status off and understanding how to see Viber online status? Viber app gives us this possibility of close monitoring of your messages from the moment you are sent to the moment they received.

We have 4 type of notification for massage:

  • Sending: This means that the message has not yet reached the server.
  • Sent: It means that your message has been sent to the server. In other words, it has been successfully sent and is finally on its way to the recipient.
  • Delivered: it means it is received by that user but it doesn’t mean the recipient has just seen your massage.
  • Seen: it shows that the recipient opened your massage or not.


In this article from Spy family we talked about how to see Viber online status, also taught you how to hide online status? (Viber online status not showing), and we explained how to make Viber seen status off , How to see last seen on Viber even if hidden and understanding massage status. As well as we learn what happens when you turn off seen status on Viber. We hope this article be useful for you we help you to fix your problems.

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