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How to protect my phone from hackers for free?

Preventing hacking is something that is always considered and is essential to many people. In this article from spy. family, we will answer the question of how to protect my phone from hackers for free and teach you how to prevent hackers from infiltrating. Stay with us until the end.

How to protect my phone from hackers for free

Make it difficult for thieves to enter

There are many ways to answer the question of how to protect my phone from hackers for free. The first way is to prevent entry. If a thief has physical access to your phone, it can cause a lot of trouble. To begin with, your email program probably contains a trove of personal information. Make sure your phone is locked when you’re not using it. Both Android and iOS phones can require a six-digit passcode.

Your device may also offer other options, such as fingerprint or facial recognition. These methods aren’t perfect, as a real hacker could copy your fingerprint from your drinking glass or fool your camera with a picture of you, but they’re still better than nothing. Be wary of smart lock features. These features can automatically unlock your phone at home or your smartwatch is nearby. These methods can allow a thief to bypass your password.

Keep online services unlocked.

Another important point to answer the question of how to protect my phone from hackers for free is that the service is online. Automatic login is a very convenient feature, especially when the virtual keyboard makes typing the password difficult. It is also a big responsibility.

A curious intruder can gain access to all of your online accounts just by opening your browser. So ideally, you should use something other than the automatic login feature. If you must, use password management apps that require you to enter a master password constantly.

Another point is that you should only use the same password for one application or service. If that password is leaked, it can be used to access all your personal information. This is true even if you’re completely obsessed with keeping your smartphones safe. Hackers constantly break into online services to steal user credentials they can try on other websites.

Page notifications

Another one of the most important and complicated parts to answer the question of how to protect my phone from hackers for free is the announcements. Many apps display messages and notifications on your phone’s lock screen. It’s worth taking the time to think about what these notifications might indicate. If you work for a large banking company, for example, a visible email from a colleague or meeting reminder will tell a thief that this phone is worth stealing.

On iOS, consider accessing Siri from the keyboard. Siri isn’t supposed to reveal your personal information before you enter a passcode to unlock your iPhone, but past hacks have allowed intruders to use Siri to unlock your device, access call details, and view photos. The safest way is to disable this feature completely. You can see this option under Settings & Touch ID &ampĀ  Passcode & Disable Siri on the Lockscreen on the keyboard.

Open applications

No matter how careful you are, you may only be able to completely protect your phone from being hacked if you avoid installing any apps or visiting any websites. You can supplement your device security measures with an online service. Available for both Android and iOS, LogDog is an app that monitors your identity on websites like Gmail, Dropbox, and Facebook.

This application alerts you to suspicious activities, such as entering the site through unfamiliar locations and allows you to change your credit before any serious damage occurs. As a bonus, LogDog scans your emails and highlights messages containing sensitive data, such as credit card details and passwords, so you can make sure your data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands after you wipe them.

Last words

In this article from spy. family, the question of how to protect my phone from hackers for free was answered and 4 very important ways were provided to you users. If you have ever been hacked, tell us in the comment section. What actions have you taken these times?

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