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How to Hack an Android Phone with an Android Phone?

Are you serious about learning how to hack a phone? Let’s look at how to hack an Android phone with the help of another Android phone.

Consider the following scenario: you want to know what’s going on in someone’s Android phone. What are your options? Asking them directly isn’t an option because it will come across as strange. Why don’t you break into their phone without their knowledge? Yes, we’re discussing how to hack Android. Do you believe it’s possible?

Do you believe you can learn how to hack into someone’s phone?

You must have questioned how to hack someone’s Android phone or how to hack an Android phone using another Android phone on multiple occasions. You’d like to learn how to hack a phone. So, let’s get started learning how to hack a phone. To be honest, it is possible to hack into someone’s Android phone without their knowledge. Learning how to hack an Android phone is extremely possible.

How do you break into someone’s phone?

We can now utilize monitoring and hacking apps to snoop on someone’s phone activity thanks to advances in technology. Manually hacking someone’s phone isn’t necessary. To hack into their phone, you don’t even need to know their password. You don’t need any of that to figure out how to hack someone’s phone.

All you need is a dependable and competent hacking program to take care of everything. Yes, you read that correctly. You can discover how to hack an Android phone by using monitoring software. Let’s look at how to hack a phone and the various types of Android hacking tools.

Now is the time to hack Android.

Android Hacking Tools of Various Types

There are a variety of Android hacking tools available on the market. Some companies provide free Android hacking tools, while others provide paid or premium services. You can use free trial versions to obtain a basic knowledge of how the program works, but don’t expect it to give extensive monitoring functions.

It is recommended that you use the paid or premium versions offered by most Android hack solution providers to have access to crucial monitoring capabilities. Also, be wary of counterfeit and fake Android hacking solutions, as they may contain hazardous viruses or harmful content that could jeopardize your essential and sensitive data.

How to Hack an Android Phone with an Android Phone?

In general, there are two ways to learn how to hack an Android phone using another Android phone. The first method is to use a third-party monitoring or hacking program like SpyFamily, and the second method is to use remote screen-sharing apps like TeamViewer.

The second way of hacking into someone’s Android phone, on the other hand, is not encouraged for the following reasons:

Because such apps do not stay hidden on the target device, the target device person would readily notice that remote screen-sharing software has been installed on their device. When using a screen-sharing app, this method will not provide a discrete operation.

You don’t have control over what you can access on the destination device when using a screen-sharing app. All you can do is keep an eye on the target device’s screen, and any other content made available to you is entirely at the discretion of the target device’s owner.

This is why, in this situation, we recommend utilizing a third-party tool like SpyFamily, which is a far better solution. You may discreetly track someone’s Android activity with the use of a monitoring app without them knowing. The monitoring app will teach you how to efficiently hack an Android phone.

How to Hack an Android Phone Without the Owner’s Knowledge

SpyFamily and other monitoring apps allow you to hijack someone’s Android phone without them knowing. This means you may install a monitoring app on someone’s phone and track their online behavior without fear of being discovered. You can learn how to hack an Android phone with only a few basic steps.

SpyFamily, for example, provides completely undetectable monitoring tools. The target device owner will be unaware that a surveillance app has been installed on their device because it will remain unnoticed and entirely hidden.

Monitoring apps are advantageous because they avoid disagreement between the one who wishes to spy on another person and the person whose activities are being monitored. For example, a parent can use a monitoring app to spy on their child’s Android device without them knowing, and they won’t have to worry about the child discovering the program and becoming upset.

SpyFamily has several monitoring tools that can be used to gain access to the target person’s Android device. You may, for example, keep track of their incoming and outgoing phone calls, texts, and emails. You may also keep track of their web browsing history and social media usage.

Other essential monitoring tools given by SpyFamily include location tracking, Gmail logging, surround recording, and keylogging.

How Can I Hack an Android Phone That Is Connected to the Same WIFI Router?

SpyFamily can also be used to hack an Android phone that is linked to the same WIFI router. To do so, make sure your device and the target person’s device are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

You may easily monitor the target device if both devices are linked to the same WIFI router. The good news is that, in addition to Android, SpyFamily works on a variety of other popular platforms, including iOS, Windows, and Mac.

SpyFamily’s monitoring functions are useful for individuals who want to hack someone’s Windows computer or iPhone device because it supports all operating systems and platforms.

How to Hack an Android Device Using SpyFamily

SpyFamily has made hacking an Android phone a lot easier. This Android hack app allows you to gain access to someone’s device without them knowing. On the target device, the software remains undiscovered, allowing you to secretly monitor all of their activities.

It’s quite simple to use SpyFamily. It’s even easier to learn how to hack an Android phone with SpyFamily. This monitoring tool can be used by persons who have no technical experience. All you have to do is create a SpyFamily account and receive login credentials for your online dashboard.

Then, on the target device, download and install the SpyFamily surveillance app. Now here’s the deal: On Android and iOS devices, the installation process differs. If your target person uses an Android device, you’ll need to have physical access to it to install the surveillance app. It will just take a few minutes to complete the installation. You will no longer need to hold the target device in your hands after that.

For iOS devices, however, no physical access is required. To hack the target person’s iOS device, all you need are their iTunes credentials. There’s no need to root or jailbreak the target device with SpyFamily.

So, what do you have to lose? Now is the time to get your hands on SpyFamily and learn how to hack an Android phone.


In 2019, the mobile app market generated $82 billion in gross annual sales, which is predicted to rise to $143 billion by 2020. Gross annual income is estimated to reach $190 billion by 2022.

“How to Hack an Android Phone” “Mobile Hacking – How to Hack an Android Phone”


A mobile gadget allows users to communicate across radio frequencies. It is used to exchange emails, share multimedia, and access the internet. Mobile phones have largely replaced desktops and laptops in recent years, allowing users to access email, surf the internet, navigate using GPS, and store crucial data such as calendars and passwords. They also assist customers with transactions such as purchasing things, booking tickets, and doing banking transactions. People are depending less on computers as mobile technology has simplified our lives.

According to App Annie, the mobile app market generated $82 billion in gross annual sales in 2019, with that figure predicted to rise to $143 billion by 2020. Gross annual income is estimated to reach $190 billion by 2021. By 2024, Juniper Research predicts a $2 trillion market for payments and transactions made through mobile banking apps.

Because mobile phones offer technological advancements such as the ability to send text messages, emails, and the ability to download applications over the internet, hackers take advantage of these features for malicious purposes such as sending malformed apk files or using a click attack to lure victims to fancy links that allow attackers to gain partial or complete control of the victim’s system for their gain.

Phone/Mobile Ethical Hacking – CEH Training is the technique of using mobile hacking code to manipulate or gain unauthorized access to mobile phones for nefarious objectives.

In the field of mobile hacking, there are two types of attacks:

Bluetooth hacking SMS forwarding

Clicking on a malicious website or Malicious apps

When an attacker exploits a mobile system to get access partially or at the root level, all of these create a massive HACK Mobiles and deliver value to an attacker.

Paying for premium-rate numbers via SMS forwarders and malware programs


SMS forwarders are one of the most insidious attacks. These are Trojans that steal authentication or verification codes supplied to online payment service providers via text texts. Cybercriminals intercept the codes and use them to break into client accounts. Another deceptive tactic, and one that is quite simple to fall for, is a lottery-related hoax. Hackers are obtaining modems, which they are using to send nearly 10,000 text messages each hour, selling products, or directing consumers to websites containing ID stealing Trojans. Because most of this activity is carried out on the deep web, where hackers conceal and obscure their internet locations, it is difficult for cyber professionals to get a hold of it.

It’s worth noting that the majority of mobile malware attacks over wireless networks are targeted at Android phones. This is due to the open architecture, which makes it more vulnerable than Apple’s proprietary IOS platform.

Russia (40%) is the country with the most mobile hacking assaults on banking applications, followed by India (8%), Ukraine (4%), Vietnam (4%), and the United Kingdom (4%). (3 percent). Because India is still getting to the level of a world platform in the field of cybersecurity, it receives a large number of financial attacks. Malicious software programs such as Acecard and GM Bot gained worldwide popularity in 2016.

According to law enforcement officials Cyber Security Training and get specialists, cyber thieves employ such malware to steal banking credentials from unsuspecting consumers when they log on to their bank accounts using their mobile phones. It’s difficult to estimate how much money has been stolen as a result of mobile hacking phone malware because hackers can gain access to an account via any normal route after stealing credentials via a phone.


To open the Metasploit framework in Kali Linux, type ‘msfconsole’ in the terminal.

2. Using the command show exploits,’ look for different sets of exploits and identify a useful exploit for Android Phone.

3. Connect with ‘exploit meterpreter reverse TCP’ and set localhost and local port to the attacker’s IP and port. This will aid in the creation of an apk file extension. (See the illustration below.)

4. Configure the payload, including all LHOST and LPORT parameters, and use this payload to establish a meterpreter connection anytime the target connects to an Android phone.

5. For mobile simulation, install Android x86 in VMware.

6. In the attacker profile, start the Apache service and use the victim to access, open, and install your shared file.

7. After the meterpreter connection is established, the attacker has access to the victim’s mobile system, enabling her/him access to all dump files, call history, messages, and even any personal data from the victim’s hack phone via mobile hacking.

8. The attacker can alter and spoof calls and messages from the victim’s hacked phone using various hacking access modes. By hacking your Android Mobile Phone, they can even gain access to the victim’s hacked phone camera without the victim’s awareness.


People download a lot of malware and untrustworthy programs every month, making their devices exposed to such attacks and possibly becoming a bot for an attacker. Because of the seriousness of Android assaults for mobile hacking, it’s important to check for certificates of programs before downloading them and make sure they’re from a reputable source. Only use info and downloads from reputable sources.

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