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How to check online status on Telegram?

Nowadays, social networks have become the main means of human communication and have various features for users. One of the features of these popular messenger, like Telegram is checking the Last Seen, which shows the last time each person was online in app. In this article on Spy Family we want to talk about how to check online status on Telegram? and about Last seen Telegram meaning. Also we will teach you How to hide last seen on Telegram?

Telegram online status (Last seen Telegram meaning)

First of all, let’s have a brief explanation on the concept of last seen in messengers; Last seen status is a feature in messaging applications such as Telegram that shows you the last time a person was online. Last seen is used in different app in different ways, but the concept of all of them is the same. Last seen is used for you to understand what times a user is usually online, so that you can start chatting and make conversation at those times.

The last seen is usually visible to all people and everyone can check it, but sometimes this feature is disabled for you and you cannot see the last seen of your contact. If a person blocks you, you cannot check his last seen status. Even if you block him, you will not be able to check that person’s profile and view his last online status.

Also, if the person puts the Last Seen feature on the “Last Seen Recently” option, you will no longer see the exact time he was online, and the phrase “Last Seen Recently” will be shown instead. If you enable this option in your app, this people will see that your last visit was recently. If you want to know about how to check online status on Telegram, stay with us.

How to hide last seen on Telegram?

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Open Privacy and Security section
  3. Choose Last Seen & Online
  4. Tap on Add Users
  5. Choose the contacts you want to hide your last seen status from
  6. Click on Done in the right corner in top of the page

How to check online status on Telegram?

As you know, a user who is online on Telegram, at the bottom of his username on the chat page, the word “Online” or what time he was last online is written but as we said, in Telegram there is a possibility that most users know, and by choosing it, they can hide the last time of their visit, and last seen recently is placed in its place. Here we want to talk about some ways to find out that a person is online or not.

Create secret chat

To do this, click on the person’s name at the top of the page and then select Start Secret Chat. Tap on Start and waiting for the user to get online. If this message does not appear for you, it means that the person in question is online and does not answer you!

Add that person to a group or channel

Another way is that you can make that person a member in a group, then wait for him to leave the chat and if he leaves, that means he is online.

Forward a message from channel

Another trick to find out the last seen status is that you can create a test channel, then publish messages, photos, stickers or anything in the channel. Then, you have to just forward the message you shared to the desired person. Wait, if the number of views of the message in the channel increases, (from one to two) be sure that the user is online and has seen your message.

Note that you must forward the message from the channel and with the arrow button next to it. If then number of views remains 1, it means that the message has not been seen and if the view number is 2, it means that your message has been seen.

To Sum Up

By using the solutions mentioned in this article on Spy Family, such as: create secret chat, add person to a channel or group and forward a message from a channel, you can understand how to check online status on Telegram. Here we told you these methods to How to see last seen on Telegram if hidden. Please share your experience with us in comment section below.

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