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How to spy using iPhone?(5 Best spy app on iPhone)

As we all know, using spy apps can also be ethical and unethical, depending on the person’s goal. If you want to know how to spy using iPhone and what are the best spy app for iPhone, you can read this article from Spy Family. We will mention some spy apps and explain all of them. So read this article to the end to know more.

How to spy using iPhone?

The high security of Apple products has always been one of the claims of this company. This has been proven in statistical comparisons. iOS phones, mac laptops, and other products of this company have had much fewer hacking statistics than similar products in other companies. However, this is not to say that hacking an iPhone is not possible.


The first best spy app for iPhone that we will explain is this app. mSpy is a tracking and monitoring software through which you can remotely monitor the activity of your target person’s smartphone without being identified. The features that make the mSpy tool unique are:

  • It tracks the location (GPS).
  • You can see all incoming/outgoing calls.
  • Monitor chats of messaging apps, including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Viber, SMS, Email, etc.
  • It works secretly without the target person noticing.


iOS Reverse Engineering Toolkit, also known as iRET, is one of the best hacking tools for iOS and ethical hackers learning reverse engineering. The only caveat is that you should be connected to a wireless network. The ethical hacking app can be used to analyze the contents of the keychain, including passwords, keys, official documents, and any sensitive information. iRET speaks the developer’s language.

This tool provides binary analysis using the o tool, keychain analysis using keychain_dumper, binary decryption using decrypted dump, and database reading using SQLite. In addition to these operations, the hack tool allows you to create, edit and install modifications. To use this program, you need to jailbreak your IOS phone.


iSpy is one of the essential hacking tools for hackers who learn reverse engineering and dynamic analysis of iOS applications. The iOS hacking app efficiently uses the web GUI and can perform various programming functions, including Cycript integration, class dumps, automatic jailbreak detection bypasses, and automatic bypasses. SSL certificate, objc_msgSend pass-through used for logging and real-time call tracking. To use this tool, you must first jailbreak the phone.

How to spy using iPhone?


Another app to mention as how to spy using iPhone is spy24. Pay attention to the following features of this app.

  • Tracking people by mobile number through Google Maps
  • Satellite positioning
  • Tracking without turning on the location (GPS) in Android 9 and earlier
  • Tracking spouse and child without internet
  • Tracking by SMS
  • Beautiful and convenient user interface
  • Designed according to Iranian culture
  • Free software support
  • Wife’s phone control software for iPhone or Apple
  • Inconspicuous tracking by hiding the software icon

Mia app

The Mia app is a negative announcement. This app is one of the worst apps for spying on iOS devices. The Mia app’s “Pricing” page is vague and says either Android or iOS, except that Android may require rooting, while iPhone requires Jailbreak. However, if you are looking for an Android phone hacking and spying software, you can consider Mia as it outshines many existing ones. If you want to spy on your iPhone remotely or use any Jailbreak, download or install it, App Mia is not the right program for you.

iOS Reverse Engineering Toolkit, also known as iRET, is one of the best hacking tools for iOS and ethical hackers learning reverse engineering.

How to recognize that the iPhone is being spied on?

  • Overheating

iPhones that work well should not overheat. If your device becomes unusually warm or even hot, it may indicate someone is spying on your iPhone. Installing spyware isn’t the only reason your phone is overheating, so don’t panic. You might need to learn how to clean up your iPhone, and all devices can benefit from removing unnecessary junk files and apps.

▪ The battery is empty

Spyware works 24 / 7 behind the scenes to spy on your digital movements. That’s why the battery is constantly draining, it’s a sign of spyware. If you play a lot of videos or frequently use mobile gamers, it’s normal to report data, but beware of draining your battery at an unusually fast rate.▪ Unusual messages

Are you getting random pop-up messages on your iPhone while browsing online? Unsolicited ads may indicate spyware intrusion, as spyware is often bundled with adware. If you’ve rooted your phone and installed apps from outside the App Store, these strange messages may come in text messages or app notifications.

▪ Excessive data consumption

Just as spyware drains your battery, it also drains your data. Spyware uses your mobile phone data to send you the information it collects. This means you’re paying for a stalker, hacker, or spy to send unwanted data on your digital activities (and maybe even video and audio). If your iPhone is slow for reasons other than excessive data usage, learn why your iPhone is slow and how to speed it up.

As a last resort, do a factory reset to remove spyware. This method will erase all data from your device (spyware), so be sure to back up your device using iTunes or iCloud before wiping it.

Do a factory reset

As a last resort, do a factory reset to remove spyware. This method will erase all data from your device (spyware), so be sure to back up your device using iTunes or iCloud before wiping it. We hope you remove the spyware because you need to restore from a backup created before the spyware was installed on your phone. Backups made after that point will still contain spyware. So, if you restore that backup, you’ll end up reinstalling the spyware along with everything else.

Here’s how to perform a factory reset on your iPhone:

  1.  Click on the Settings app.
  2.  Scroll down and select General.
  3. Scroll down and select Reset.
  4.  Select Erase All Content and Settings and then confirm your choice.

To sum up

How to spy using iPhone: One of the most popular ways to hack the iPhone is using the best spy app for iPhone we mentioned and explained in this article. They are such as mSpy, iRET, iSpy, and Spy24. Plus, there are signs that you are hacked with these apps that it’s better, you know e., g., the phone drains the battery much faster than before, or Phone applications run automatically, etc. I hope this article on Spy Family has helped you.

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