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How to spy on Telegram messages?

Telegram is one of the most widely used messaging applications in the world due to its versatility and attractiveness. That’s why many people are looking for how to spy on Telegram messages. In this article from Spy Family we want to explain how to hack Telegram and mention all the possible ways. To know more and get information say with us and read this post to the end.

How to spy on Telegram messages?

As you know, Telegram is undoubtedly one of the popular social messengers among users with special and unique features and capabilities. Although this app has high-security protocols to protect people’s personal information, it is possible to hack Telegram with ID and other spying methods and apps. In the following, there are 5 apps that we will explain all of them:

  1. Ikeymonitor
  2. mSpy
  3. spy24
  4. Eyezy
  5. Mobile Tracker
  6. Keylogger software
  7.  FlexiSpy

1) Ikeymonitor

The first mentioned app that can control the phone of the target person, or in other words, its work is to hack the phone, which is designed to monitor and control children in the virtual and social space. Some features of Ikeymonitor

  • Log in to the system of all incoming and outgoing SMS and social networks;
  • Logging of response history with contacts, date and time, and duration;
  • tracking websites visited in Chrome and stock web browsers;
  • Look at the images at the time interval set by the users;
  • Sending login report to the e-mail address defined by the user;

How to spy on Telegram messages?

2) Spy24

The Spy 24 family surveillance system or spy app is one of the other possible methods for hacking Telegram or other programs installed on the target person’s phone. In fact, by creating a user account for themselves on the website of this app and installing and uploading the spy 24 application on the target phone or themselves (while having their phone information), they can remotely and without their knowledge perform all actions and activities.

In general, this program has many features and capabilities for hacking Telegram, etc., and many parents and couples use it to indirectly monitor and control their children or spouses.

3) mSpy

Another app to mention as how to spy on Telegram messages is this app. It will show you all Telegram messages from the desired phone along with time stamps after it has been installed. It’s also great at monitoring social media and is our top pick for the best Instagram spy app because of its ability to spy on Instagram stories and Snapchat photos.

How to spy on Telegram messages?

4) Eyezy

You can consider this app as an Easy-to-use Telegram spy tool. Eyezy is a comprehensive spy app with great features to hack Telegram. Even though Eyezy was only released in 2021, it has quickly gained popularity due to its simplicity and deep data delivery.

5) Mobile Tracker

The final app to answer how to spy on Telegram messages is this app. Keep some features of this app in mind:

  1. Telegram control and tracking with a complete list of incoming and outgoing messages and files.
  2. Tracking and controlling children.
  3. Save mobile data remotely.

How to spy on Telegram messages?

6) Keylogger software

A keylogger is a software or hardware device that can record the keys typed on a computer keyboard. Such software can run in the background so that you don’t even realize that such a program is installed on your computer or mobile phone. To know about this issue, I have to use security software and antivirus.


The last app that we want to mention as the answer of how to spy on Telegram messages, is this app. Know some of the features of this app:

  1. Call Monitoring – View all call log information including names and phone numbers, time and duration of the call
  2. Monitoring of SMS, multimedia message or email: view text and content of email, contact name and information, information related to time and date
  3. Instant Message Monitoring – Monitor 13 different messaging platforms including WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Viber, Skype, LINE, iMessage, WeChat, BlackBerry PIN, BBM, Yahoo Messenger, Hangouts and Snapchat
  4. Multimedia monitoring – monitoring of video, image and audio files
  5. GPS positioning – view device location, track movements and set up “safe” and “restricted” zones
  6. Internet Activity Monitoring – View visited URLs and bookmarks
  7. App Monitor – Monitor used apps, calendar, notepad, address book


If you are looking for how to spy on Telegram messages or how to hack Telegram, this article from Spy Family explained this topic. 5 apps that we mentioned here, include Ikeymonitor, spy24, mSpy, Eyezy, and Mobile Tracker. Also, there is complete information about each app. Hope this article can be helpful for you.

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