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How to spy on phone with just phone number?

Because of your life or work conditions, you sometimes have to watch the people around you or spy on them by accessing their phone. It should be said that there are many ways to hack a phone, and among them, we can mention hacking a phone with a number, hacking a phone with Email, hacking with a link, and hacking a phone by installing software in it. Stay with this article from Spy Fmaily to explain how to spy on phone with just phone number.

How to spy on phone with just phone number?

Whether it is possible to hack a phone number or hack a phone at all is a question that arises in the minds of many people who intend to do this. To answer this question, without trying to confuse you, we should say that YES, it is possible to hack a phone using a phone number. In the following, we will talk about all the methods that can be regard as explaining spy on phone with just phone number.

Hack phone with direct IP

One of the most challenging methods of hacking a phone, which ordinary hackers are unable to do, is the hacking method directly without using a particular program. Hackers who use this method have very high programming knowledge; they connect to the target mobile phone in the network and then hack it using the operating system Kali Linux or Bactrak Linux.

Since these hackers have high knowledge in this field, they know which parts of the target mobile phone are vulnerable and use those parts to penetrate the device. In order to become a professional hacker and be able to hack the number of people you want, the first step is to learn different programming languages.

Using different software

Another method to describe how to spy on phone with just phone number, is using some software. There are various software for hacking the phone; of course, most of them should be installed on the target phone, but some of them provide you with the possibility of hacking the phone either through the phone number or by sending a link to the target.


The first app that we want to introduce is Spy24. With this app you can hack Android and iPhone phones with just phone number. Pay attention to some features of this app:

  • The child control system designs SPY24 phone hacking software to care for children in cyberspace.
  • SPY24 gives you full access to Telegram, WhatsApp, Instagram accounts, and all social network programs.
  • SMS control
  • Call recording and ambient sound recording


AndroRAT app is one of the most popular and famous Android hacking app, which is free and can remotely hack the other person’s phone, send SMS, contacts, and even the target phone’s location. This program can even take pictures using the phone’s front or back camera, without the user noticing anything.

Winding up

“How to spy on phone with just phone number?” was the topic that we talked about in this article from Spy  Fmaily. 2 popular methods that we mentioned here include hacking phone with direct IP that related to the professional programmer and using different software like AndrodRAT and Spy24. Thanks for your attention, and we hope this post can be helpful to you.

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