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How to spy on someone’s cell phone without touching it?

If you want to know how to spy on someone’s cell phone without touching it, iis it possible or not, etc., we suggest reading this article from Spy.Family to get the information we explained. As you know, with the rise of smartphones and tablets, hackers are trying to attack people and companies through vulnerabilities in mobile devices.

How to spy on someone’s cell phone without touching it?

As you know, this work is easy for programmers and people proficient in hacking and security knowledge. But ordinary people should use the facilities provided by skilled people and security experts. You can use some apps to hack or spy on a target person.


Hacking without touching the mobile phone or hacking the phone without installing the program on the target phone is possible with this program. To mention some features of this app, we can say:

  • Compatible with all operating systems.
  • Control of social networks.
  • S-child is a program that ensures you will not be identified in any way.
  • The app’s tracker feature fulfills this need to check the target device’s location. Whenever your child is out of the house, you can use this feature to track the phone and the routes are taken.
  • Internet history tracking.


Another item to answer how to spy on someone’s cell phone without touching it is this mSpy app. mSpy is a smartphone spy software (both iPhone and Android) that was launched in 2010. It allows you to remotely monitor the activities of a target device without touching it.

You can install it on the phones of your children or employees to monitor their movements and prevent them from doing unacceptable or inappropriate things. Now, pay attention to the features:

  • Phone calls
  • Checking social networks
  • Emergency messages
  • Tracking location

And some pros of this app:

  • Installation is quick and takes no more than five minutes.
  • Rooting is not necessary for Android mobile phones.
  • This allows you to check all messages received or sent by the target device.
  • Keeps all deleted messages so that nothing is lost.
  • Provides real-time GPS location updates of the target user.
  • It keeps a record of call logs so you can know who called the target user and who called from the target phone.
  • This allows you to view the photos and videos sent and received on the desired device.
  • He watches over the paths of travel.
  • It provides a detailed report of social media activity on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and other channels.
  • It is designed to securely store all collected information so you can access it later.


Another spy software that we will mention as how to spy on someone’s cell phone without touching it in this paragraph is spy24. Let us know some features of this app:

  • Social media monitoring.
  • Remote phone and cell phone tracking.
  • Recording and listening to phone conversations of children and family members from a distance.
  • Controlling online phone status.


It would be easier to list what FlexiSpy can’t do – it does almost everything. The software has every basic feature and almost every advanced feature imaginable that one might expect to find in a surveillance program. Two annual licenses are available – Premium and Extreme – and while these two licenses have almost all the features most people need for their monitoring needs, Extreme offers far fewer advanced features, some of which are no longer available in any other product on the market. are not available

How to spy on someone's cell phone without touching it?


Another spy app to mention as how to spy on someone’s cell phone without touching it, is this app. pay attention to somr of the features

Take a screenshot

Take screenshots of your children’s or employees’ monitored Android devices to gain a more comprehensive insight into their mobile activity with our world-class Android spy software.

Call and environment recording

Listen around on their phone or just record their phone calls. Mobile Tracker Free Android monitoring app can intercept calls and even access the microphone with just one click.

Lock the phone

When the power of parent-child negotiation seems weak, use your parental right and temporarily lock your children’s Android mobile phone and tablet whenever you want.

Delete data

Don’t worry about your kids losing their mobile phones anymore because their data won’t get into the wrong hands, thanks to Mobile Tracker Free Android software, you can instantly factory reset their phone.


How to spy on someone’s cell phone without touching it?: 3 apps were discussed in our article to get information about spying on the target phone. There are many apps to control and monitor the phone and mobile phone remotely on the Internet, but most apps either have little and useless features or are not real and efficient. So we tried to suggest you the best spy apps in this post from Spy.Family.

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