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How to secretly track an apple phone from a computer for free?

iPhone tracking apps are usually available in many forms and are being developed. It is interesting to know that iPhone tracking programs are generally very few because of the security that Apple displays on its devices and networks. But ultimately, tracking them without the user’s knowledge is possible. How to secretly track an apple phone from a computer for free? So stay with us in the rest of this article on to answer your questions.

How to secretly track an apple phone from a computer for free?

Way 1: First, you need to know that we need a third-party iPhone tracker app called KidsGuard Pro for iCloud. Such a program is usually rare, but it can track the iPhone effectively and without the target user’s knowledge. Interestingly, in addition to location tracking, you can view and check iPhone data such as contacts, photos, videos, notes, reminders, etc.

Way 2: First, you need to know that if you want to track the iPhone without any program, you don’t need a unique program because all iPhones have a default tracking feature called Find My iPhone. It’s better to know that it’s called “Find My” on iOS 13 and later devices. This is one of the handy features, and you can track the desired iPhone easily. Here are the steps:

How to secretly track an apple phone from a computer for free?
How to secretly track an apple phone from a computer for free?

Step 1: First, you must know that this feature is fully activated. Click Settings on the iPhone or iPhone you want to track, then go to iCloud and Find My iPhone.

Step 2: You need to use another iOS device and open the default Find My iPhone app.

Step 3: Sign in with the same Apple ID in this section.

Step 4: Select the ‘Devices’ option and select the desired iPhone to view the location.

Step 5: Finally, select the name field of the device you want to track.

Use an App to Track iPhone Without Them Knowing.

It’s good to know that parental control apps offer monitoring features like tracking GPS location, viewing call logs, and reading text messages. It is better to know that mSpy can monitor another person’s location in real-time and receive alerts to set restricted locations on the map when the target person leaves or enters certain areas. It is possible to set limited places on the map. Makes. Some features of mSpy include monitoring another person’s data, such as:

  1. Wi-Fi networks used;
  2. phone book contacts;
  3. installed programs;
  4. Browser history (Safari) and visited URLs.
  5. Sent, received and deleted text messages, including iMessages.
  6. incoming and outgoing calls;
  7. User passwords with the help of Keylogger.
  8. calendar and scheduled events;
  9. social media chat;
  10. Keyboard strokes and words are limited.
  11. Send and receive multimedia files;
How to secretly track an apple phone from a computer for free
How to secretly track an apple phone from a computer for free

Last word

Finally, it is better to know that we have talked about different ways to track your iPhone without people knowing, but we suggest that if you want to know how to track your iPhone secretly, KidsGuard Pro for iCloud is the best choice. In this article on, we tried to answer the question: How to track an apple phone from a computer for free secretly? And we hope it was beneficial for you.

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