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How safe is Telegram messenger?

Telegram is a popular messenger that many people use. Attractive and easy user interface and many features of this messenger have brought many people to this messenger. But the main question here is how safe is Telegram messenger? That here onSpy Family we want to talk about this topic.

Is telegram safe?

The ability to use secret chat and encryption on your Telegram account gives you a little security, but this messenger is an open source application, and this ensures its security to a certain extent, because when a problem occurs, in addition to the company’s programmers, external programmers also help to improve it by having access to the program code.

Is Telegram safer than WhatsApp?

Keep in mind that WhatsApp and Signal messengers use end-to-end encryption for their chats and calls by default. It means that no one but the sender and receiver can see the content of the sent messenger. But Telegram is not like that; This messenger offers end-to-end encryption for just secret chats, and voice and video calls.

In addition, Telegram messenger uses its own protocol called MTProto. This protocol creates security in connecting the device to the server and is divided into three parts:

  • API-query language,
  • Cryptographic,
  • Transport.

Of course, data storage in the cloud and end-to-end encryption with direct request play an important role in Telegram security. With all this, if you want to know how safe is Telegram messenger, we should say that Telegram is at the highest level of security compared to other messengers.

How safe is Telegram messenger?

This messenger attaches great importance to user privacy. According to experts’ opinion in the world of network communication, although this application does not seem to attempt to steal the information of its users, but like any application, it has some security weak points that can be exploited. In the following, we will examine one of Telegram’s security weaknesses.

Secure chat only in Secret Chat mode: Telegram does not perform user-user encryption, which is the safest way to transfer information by default, but users must chat in Secret Chat mode to use this feature. The secret chat feature uses a symmetric encryption structure and private keys are not exchanged between you and the recipient, so breaking this encryption structure is much easier than an asymmetric structure and is still considered a weakness of security for this messenger.

After all, it can be said that this messenger has acceptable security and hacking it will require spending a lot of money and expertise, and it is definitely not possible using a mobile application and its limited processing power to hack someone’s account.

How to secure your Telegram account?

Today, security is one of the important issues of people’s communication with each other. Many users of social medias are worried about the disclosure of their information, but the security of Telegram has given them the possibility to be comfortable about the information not being disclosed. There are some ways to increase security of Telegram:

Set a password for your Telegram application

After we found out that how safe is Telegram messenger, if you want to increase the security of your account, you can set a password for your Telegram. To activate the Telegram application password, do the following steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Privacy and Security
  3. Then select the Passcode luck option from the Security section
  4. Enter your password.

Your Telegram password will be activated.

Enable two-step verification for your account

By activating this feature, a code sent to your mobile phone is needed to log in to your Telegram account. With this method, if someone wants to enter your account, he must have access to this sent code.

  1. Go to Settings section,
  2. Enter the Privacy and Security
  3. Select the Two-step verification option.
  4. Click on set additional password option.
  5. Choose a complex password in this section and enter it again.
  6. Choose a hint for the password to be reminded if you forget it.
  7. Go to the next section and enter your email to recover your account.
  8. Go to your email inbox and confirm the email received from Telegram.

To sum up

To increase the security of your Telegram account; Ignore fake messages and never click on anonymous links. If you wanted to know is Telegram safe? in this post on Spy Family we have talked about the answer to the question that how safe is Telegram messenger? So if you want to know, we completely talked about this. We also introduced some ways for you to secure your telegram account.

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