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How to recover hacked telegram account?

With the expansion of Telegram accounts, unfortunately, many news are heard about users’ Telegram accounts being hacked. Security in social networks is always an important issue; Although Telegram has high security, but for some reason your Telegram account may be hacked and the question arises, how to recover hacked telegram account? Stay with Spy family to explain how to recover telegram account.

Recover telegram account

Fortunately, under any circumstances, even the worst, even if your user account has been hacked, you have the ability to recover your Telegram account. Although hacking a Telegram account is simply not possible and Telegram has provided many security measures to prevent such problems from occurring, it cannot be claimed that it is impossible to hack a Telegram account!

Therefore, there is a possibility of Telegram account being hacked, and using applications similar to Telegram and doing uninformed actions can increase the risk of the user’s Telegram account being hacked. But if your Telegram account is hacked, what is your solution? how to recover hacked telegram account? ¬†We will explain further.

How to recover hacked telegram account?

If you have a hacked Telegram account and want to recover telegram account, you can use the methods we will explain in the following:

  1. Activate two-step verification
  2. Terminate unknown session and remove unknown devices from Active Sessions
  3. Report and send a request to Telegram to recover the hacked account

Stay with us to explain each of these solutions completely.

1: Activate two-step verification

A good way to recover telegram account is this method; By activating this feature, any person who wants to log in to your account must, in addition to providing a special code that is sent to your Telegram or contact number, also provide a second security code that will be determined by you and from the security layer. Second, log in to your account. Therefore, by activating the Two-Step Verification feature, the probability of your Telegram account being hacked is almost 0%. But how to activate this feature?

  1. Run the Telegram program and enter Settings.
  2. Select the Privacy & Security option.
  3. Select the Two-Step Verification option.
  4. Select the Set Additional Password option.
  5. Enter and repeat the desired password
  6. (Optional) In this step, set a hint or “guide” for your password.
  7. Enter your email address. This email address should always be available to you, because it plays the role of recovery email.
  8. In the pop-up window that appears, select OK.
  9. Now you have to go to the recovery email address you specified and enter the email sent to you by Telegram.
  10. Click on the email activation link and wait a little until a page with the message Success! Two-Step Verification in now enabled will appear.

2: Terminate unknown sessions

If you want to know how to recover hacked telegram account, in the security settings menu of its messenger application, Telegram has provided an option called Active Sessions, through which you can view the list of all devices connected to the account. Therefore, if an unknown person or a hacker has logged into your account and is using it or reads your chats for any reason, his device name will be presented in the Active Sessions list.

In this situation, to recover Telegram account, just go to the Active Sessions settings menu and delete the unknown device from the list provided, or select Terminate All Other Sessions and deactivate your Telegram account on all devices.

3: Report to Telegram support

The last solution that is in front of you in order to return or recover the hacked Telegram account is related to correspondence with the support of this messenger. Telegram has specially provided a forum through which you can send the report of any problem created for your Telegram account (including account hacking) to Telegram support and leave other work steps to Telegram and its team.

To do this, you should go to and refer to the dedicated forum that Telegram has provided to send user problems. In the Please describe your problem field, describe your problem and mention that your Telegram account has been hacked and you are trying to recover it. You have to enter your phone number and email address in the “Your phone number” and ” Your email” field.

To sum up

In this article on Spy family, we tried to teach you how to recover hacked telegram account. Note that if your Telegram account has not been hacked yet, enable two-step verification for your Telegram account to prevent your account from being hacked. We hope this tutorial about “Recover Telegram account” is useful for you.

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