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How to record telegram video calls on Android?

Telegram video call is a practical and essential feature that recording Telegram calls are necessary to save important, exciting and valuable calls. How to record telegram video calls on Android? In the rest of the article, we have made your work easier by introducing beneficial programs, so stay with us.

How to record telegram video calls on Android?

1-Cube call recorder ACR application

This call recorder application allows you to record phone calls and calls made through VoIP services such as WhatsApp, Skype and Viber. This application has a clear and straightforward user interface and is very easy to navigate. This app comes with a dark theme.

How to record telegram video calls on Android
How to record telegram video calls on Android

Cube call recorder ACR has various recording settings that you can use. You can have the recording operation done automatically or even exclude some callers… There is also a Map option that shows all your recordings on a map so you can have an overview of them.

2-Automatic call recorder application

This application allows you to record your call entirely automatically. This program records incoming and outgoing calls with the highest quality. You can organize your recordings, listen to them and rename them by analyzing every detail.

You can also customize recordings on the fly to search for them faster. You can make an allowlist of numbers you don’t want to be recorded. You can block access to this application with encryption and save everything in the cloud.

3-DU Screen Recorder

DU Screen Recorder is very easy to use and has a beautiful user interface. It is straightforward to work with this application, and you can record your Telegram voice and video calls. Features of DU Screen Recorder application for recording Telegram calls on Android. It is straightforward to use. Beginners and professionals can easily use this application to record Telegram voice and video calls. DU Screen Recorder supports various audio and video formats, so you can use a variety of audio and video formats according to your needs.

There is a tutorial on how to use this application inside the application for easy and professional recording of all your Telegram calls. Suppose you are looking for a straightforward and excellent application that offers editing capabilities to record all your Telegram audio and video calls. In that case, we suggest using DU Screen Recorder on the Android operating system.

4-Speech Recorder

Telegram Every Call Recorder is another application for Android users to record conversations for broadcasting. This program can recognize every call from Telegram completely intelligently and start recording automatically. It uses the speaker feature to improve sound quality. But it would help if you were careful that this tool is still under development and is unstable like other tools.

How to record telegram video calls on Android
How to record telegram video calls on Android


Step 1: Download Speech Recorder on your Android, then install it.

Step 2: Open it and start your Telegram call.

Step 3: The call you have will be recorded in this app to playback

5-Go record

You can use this app to record everything you want to do on your mobile device screen. You can also use its screen recorder features to record the Telegram video call and save it in file formats such as MP4, and AVI. In addition, it is interesting that you can record your screen in any program and use Facetime while recording. You can share the recorded videos directly on various social media sites like Facebook. Share on Twitter and YouTube.

What is TheOneSpy Telegram audio call recording software?

The solution is Telegram call recording. It allows you to monitor instant messaging apps like Telegram. Additionally, you can record one-way voice calls on instant messaging apps using TheOneSpy VoIP call recorder. Users can record incoming and outgoing Telegram voice call data and transfer the data to TheOneSpy.

You can download the recorded file of Telegram messenger on your phone and listen to the voice and video calls. Telegram call recording is the best VoIP conversation monitoring software done secretly. It can also work remotely after successful installation on the target phone.

Prerequisites for establishing a Telegram call

  1. Fixed and connected internet for Telegram voice and video calls
  2. Inform the person you want to contact and check if they are ready to accept the call. In addition you need to successfully pass the protocols, know the IP address and generate a one-time encryption key for this phone call with the other person.
  3. Check the status of different parts of your computer, including the microphone, the speed of the computer processor (CPU) and memory.
How to record telegram video calls on Android
How to record telegram video calls on Android

Last word

How to record telegram video calls on Android? Video and audio calls are exciting features offered by Telegram. Undoubtedly, there are valuable, interesting or funny moments in your Telegram calls that you want to record. In this article from, we have introduced valuable programs that make your work easy.

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