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How to hack WhatsApp using link?

Today, the hack issue has become one of the most used topics in the world of technology. Many people are looking for ways to hack and penetrate smart devices, and on the other hand, there are some people who are looking for a way to prevent hacking. With the expansion of social networks such as WhatsApp, the security of these networks has become very important because you may be hacked in this way. In this article on Spy Family we want to talk about how to hack WhatsApp using link? So stay with us to learn.

Hacking WhatsApp using link

There are many ways to hack WhatsApp or other social network platforms. One of these methods that may have received less attention is hacking with link. Hacking a WhatsApp account with a link is one of the methods that professional hackers use a lot, but unfortunately, people who want to prevent their devices from being hacked, pay less attention to the links they click on.

If you are wondering how to hack WhatsApp using link? We should say that there are several methods that hackers use. Some of them take advantage of the inexperience and lack of security of the users. While others hack more delicately and elaborately, so that the user doesn’t notice being hacked at all! However, knowing these methods will help you avoid hacking and insecurity situations.

How to hack WhatsApp using link?
There are many ways to hack WhatsApp or other social network platforms.

How to hack WhatsApp using link?

In the Internet, any source or option that exists in a page, document, service or internet program that allows the user to connect to another page, document, service using it, is called a link. In simpler terms, if you click on an option on a web page and are directed to another page, you have actually clicked on a link. Links are very diverse and can include downloads, video, music, page views, and more.

Therefore, links play a bold role in creating communication on the Internet. If you enter the Internet and visit different sites without having protective apps, such as antiviruses or firewalls, the possibility that your device will be infected with a virus or malware is very high. These viruses are usually transferred to your system through infected links that you click on.

If you want to know how to hack WhatsApp using link, you should know that bad links are completely similar to useful links on the Internet and do not differ much from them and can exist in any form and image on the Internet. Therefore, it is not so easy to identify bad links from useful links. Basically, infected links are a set of links that lead the user to a path that leads to harming him and infecting his device with viruses and malware.

WhatsApp hacking with Links

How to hack WhatsApp using link? It should be said that there are many purposes for creating a contaminated link, including spreading viruses, spreading malware, obtaining information, hacking and infiltrating systems, and so on. Usually, viruses and malware are spread by groups of programmers who are sometimes the creators of antiviruses. But the links that are provided to users with the purpose of hacking other people’s systems are made by hackers and can have many goals.

Hackers hack your WhatsApp using links in different ways. In general, the links available on the Internet fall into three general categories:

  • Normal links that are complete and we can read their addresses, such as www.google.com
  • Shortened links like bit.ly that we cannot see the site domain.
  • Embedded links or redirects that lead us to a different domain than what we see.

Any of these types of links can contain malicious content. Because of that, it is better to check the security of a link before clicking on it. There are different methods to identify infected links from useful links.

How to check if a link is safe?

For example, you can make sure that the links are not malicious by checking the path of the link or using tools to check the health of the sent link. These tools include:

  1. virusTotal.com
  2. urlvoid.com
  3. getlinkinfo.com
  4. scanurl.net

Using IKEYMONITOR to hack WhatsApp

Another way to hack WhatsApp is to use this reader. If you can’t use a QR Code for any reason, you have other ways to do this, and one of them is to use ikeymonitor. IKEYMONITOR is used to control and monitor messages sent and received in social networks, and in addition to WhatsApp, it is also used for Skype, WeChat and Facebook.

The IKeyMonitor program is a WhatsApp hacking program without access to the other party’s phone that has many fans worldwide. With this software, you can hack the other person’s phone and easily control his actions on WhatsApp. You can track important information on the other party’s phone, including calls, chat messages, etc., without accessing the other party’s phone and through email. To use this software, you must do the following three steps:

  • First, sign up for an ikeymonitor account.
  • You can enter its cloud panel and install it on the other party’s phone to download.
  • Now you can monitor and control the person remotely.
    Note: You can use the free version of this program
How to hack WhatsApp using link?
Hackers hack your WhatsApp using links in different ways. In general, the links available on the Internet fall into three general categories:

Final words

In this article on Spy Family, we talked about how to hack WhatsApp using link and the ways to determine if the links are safe or not. Since we are faced with a lot of links in internet search or email and SMS every day, it is better to be careful in this regard. Because these links may hack our phone or computer.

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