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How to hack into someones Facebook account?

As you know many people share their daily life on social media that we can consider Facebook as one of them. Birthdays and celebrations, location and travel plans, births and deaths of people, and any other sensitive and important moment that occurs in life are simply placed in a global social network. In this article from Spy Family we will talk about how to hack into someones Facebook account. So read this post to the end to get information.

How to hack into someones Facebook account?

As you know Facebook is one of the popular apps that starts its activity in the 2004. We usually use Facebook to communicate; but there are also people who use this relationship for destructive purposes. In a part of this educational article, we intend to introduce these destructive movements. So read the following to get more information. 2 ways to answer how to hack into someones Facebook account?

How to hack into someones Facebook account?

1.Use of monitoring apps

There are many monitoring apps through which you can monitor the activities of people in social networks. After installing this app on your child’s phone or tablet, you can fully and accurately monitor their activities on all social networks, including Facebook and Facebook Messenger. Your child’s activities are registered on social networks and displayed for you as their parents in a user panel.

In the following we will explain some benefits of these monitoring apps.

  • Report calls, text messages and correspondence with friends and contacts.
  • Complete communication of social networks such as Telegram, WhatsApp.
  • Determining limited traffic by announcing entry and exit from the specified area.
  • Alert and smart screenshot if you type unethical words.

Now, we will give you information about a monitoring app that you can use to this purpose.


A Keylogger is a software app that can be installed that records all user inputs of a system that can be by keyboard. For example an Android Keylogger software, if installed on your mobile phone, can record every letter that is typed with your phone’s keyboard and send it to a specific person.

2.Hack Facebook account by old password reset method

One of the old and common ways to hack an online account is to use the website’s password reset feature. In hacking Facebook in this way, the hacker steals the email account of the person in question and in this way can penetrate the account and also the messenger messages of that person by resetting the password.

If the hacker infiltrates the target’s account and selects the Stay Logged in option, the owner of the Facebook account will not notice that his Facebook account has been hacked, because he will remain in his account, but he may notice the activities in the future. Become suspicious in his user account and block others’ access to his account by resetting the password.

How to hack into someones Facebook account?

3.Hack Facebook account by phishing method

Another way to explain about how to hack into someones Facebook account is this way.  It is that they make a fake page completely similar to the Facebook website and ask the target user to enter their Facebook account login information in that fake website. In fact, the user does not send the information to the Facebook server, but sends it to the email or host that the hacker has determined.

4.Suspicious emails

One of the old ways to hack Facebook is to use a suspicious email. Also, to answer the question, How to you hack into someone’s Facebook account? And you can use this method for hacking. You have probably heard many times not to open suspicious emails. This is still true.

But fake emails have become much more sophisticated than before. Fake emails may appear from Facebook, Insta, Twitter, or any other social network and have all the formatting and logos you’d expect in a legitimate email. It can be very difficult to detect that an email is fake.

There are many ways a hacker can use a suspicious email to gain access to your account. The best way to avoid this is to delete the email and not click on anything in the email. It is better to keep suspicious emails open. If networks need to access you, they can do so from your account.

If you receive an email from them, instead of opening the email, log into your account to see if you have a notification there. Do not trust emails asking for account information, demanding money, or threatening to suspend your account.

Crack Facebook password

According to hackers, the best way to hack Facebook and all social networks are to break the password. This method is the best answer to the question of How to hack into someone’s Facebook account? You can use this hacking method to break the Facebook password;

you usually need different tools and programs, but in this method, You don’t need to install special software on the other person’s device or establish a connection between the hacker and the target person. You can do all these things remotely.

Of course, the success rate of this method depends on how simple the password you choose is.

Increasing the security of Facebook

Choosing a strong password to increase Facebook security:

The best and first method for Facebook security is to use a suitable password. Choosing a password is one of the first steps in creating any account on any site or social network, and usually, the password is the foundation of all registrations in the Internet world.

Even in some programming languages, the password has a separate section. Password is always one of the first things we register for our account, and we must register a secure password.

This step of increasing Facebook’s strong security is present in all social networks, But what are the characteristics of a strong and strong password? Safe and secure passwords must have 5 special features. These features include:

  • It must be more than 8 characters. Contains English lowercase letters (a – z);
  • Contains English uppercase letters (A – Z);
  • contains numbers (0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9);
  • Contains special characters (! @ _ – # $ % & *).
  • Any safe and robust password must have these features; so that it can become a strong password and its level
  • is high and not easily hacked.

How to hack into someones Facebook account?

Summing up

In this article from Spy Family we explain 3 important method to describe how to hack into someones Facebook account? In this case, we talked about each way completely. Also we introduce one monitoring app that nowadays can used as hacking Face book account. We hope this post can be useful for you and thanks for your attention.

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