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How to hack Instagram using CMD?

Hack Instagram using CMD: How to hack Instagram using CMD? Spy family wants to explain about “hacking Instagram with CMD” and show you the list of CMD hack codes. CMD stands for Command and Command Prompt is a command line interpreter for the Windows operating system. Join us and follow this tutorial to hack Instagram by CMD, an article to learn CMD hacking methods (command line hack) easily!

How to hack Instagram with CMD?

Before you know how to hack Instagram using CMD? And list of CMD hack codes, we need to explain what CMD is and get to know it.

How to hack Instagram using CMD?

What is CMD?

How to hack Instagram using CMD?This program is provided by Microsoft for Windows users to enter various commands, even actions that cannot be done by other methods. It is actually a text-based user interface in Windows. Also, some commands are applicable in CMD for use by professional and expert users.

Why use CMD to hack Instagram?

  • It has more advanced capabilities that cannot be done with other methods.
  • Increasing the security of the computer system against viruses,
  • Increasing the speed in carrying out tasks and orders,
  • Less hardware intervention

How to hack Instagram using CMD?

Follow the steps below to hack Instagram using CMD:

  1. Open your “Network Connection”, then right-click and select “Properties”.
  2. Select TCP/IP
  3. Tap “Properties” again
  4. Click the Advanced and WINS tab and select the default “NetBIOS”.
  5. After that, go back to the main “Local Area Connection” screen and select “File and Print Sharing for Microsoft Networks” and press Enter.
  6. This is just to make sure NetBIOS is enabled or not. If you don’t know how to enter CMD, you just need to press Win + R on your keyboard and after opening the window, type “CMD” and press Enter.
  7. To know how to hack Instagram using CMD? There are many commands in the Windows command line. Here are 7 of the best commands to hack Instagram with CMD: nslookup, tracker, arp, Ipconfig, netstat, netuser, netview, etc.

Cookie hacking

 One of the best ways to answer the question How to hack Instagram using CMD? It is cookie theft. Cookies can be found in cmd and through it, you can access your Instagram account. This method is one of the old methods for hacking, and most veteran hackers use this old and perhaps outdated method to find the Instagram password.

Another way to hack Instagram is through cookies, but this method is also Like the previous method, it requires a condition. The person you are looking for must use browsers to use Instagram and must save his password. When this condition is true and the person enters his Instagram through the browser, you can access his password through his browser cookies and hack him easily

Crack and Brut Ferrus

Maybe the name of this job is a bit complicated, but when you get to know it a little bit, you will realize how easy the method is and you don’t have a hard time hacking and accessing other people’s accounts. In this way, when a cracker (not a hacker!) comes, they test with a series of tools that put a list of very common passwords and people on their pages.

  • This list full of passwords is called a password list. In this course, we taught how to create password lists and how to use them on Instagram pages.
  • Password lists usually have many and many passwords, which mostly include public passwords. Let’s give an example: for example, many people name their passwords after themselves or, for example, the name of a car, etc.

Now, to increase the percentage of account (page) hacking, crackers create a password list from a person’s interests, mobile number, name and surname, address, license plate, date of birth, pet name, etc. with the tools that exist. It tests the passwords with different proxies on the Instagram page that you defined for the tool. Because if you make too many requests with an IP, that IP will be blocked and a brute force attack will not take place, so a proxy will be used. Many tools use the Tor network, which is very useful in this field.

Increasing the security of Instagram

  •  Choosing the right password for Instagram
  • One of the best ways to prevent hackers from infiltrating with any possible method is choosing the right password
  •  It is to prevent hacking. Choosing the right password is the first factor in maintaining the security of your Instagram page. Usually, people use passwords that are easier to guess. Never use passwords like the following:
  • Not using passwords like 123456789 and 111111, as well as the date of birth 13771377
  • Do not use a national code or phone number for your account password
  • Not using Instagram username for password Example: Username: jane Password: jane
  • And any password you feel can be guessed
  • Use a combination of letters and numbers to create a strong password. Be sure to use symbols in your password. like the:! % ^ ; * (
  • To create a strong password, you can use the Password Generator website, which is a strong password generator. This tool offers you passwords with very high security, such as [email protected]_E’V^66# u6

How to hack Instagram using CMD?


Today, hacking Instagram with CMD is one of the best and easiest known hacking methods. In this article from Spy family, we explained How to hack Instagram using CMD? And we brought you the list of CMD hack codes.

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