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How to find out what websites someone has visited using email?

As you know, search history or web history includes all the words and phrases that you have ever searched on Google. In fact, in this section, Google stores all the words you have searched for and the sites you have visited and tries to provide you with better information using these details. In this article from Spy Family we want to offer and explain methods to describe how to find out what websites someone has visited using email.

How to find out what websites someone has visited using email?

Infecting the system with malware and ransomware, email hacking and other cyberattacks are threats that threaten all users of the web world. Here, we will examine new methods of hacking through email and ways to prevent it.

One of the new and simple methods of hacking and infiltrating the user’s system is using email to the target person and connecting the phone to spy apps. In the following, we will mention some applications related to this.


HelloSpy Android spy software, like previous programs, provides you with information about mobile phone text messages, received calls, history of opened sites, messages on Yahoo Messenger, WhatsApp, and other social networks, as well as viewing the gallery and location of the device.


This is an application built around the idea that knowing is better than hoping. It is one of the apps that we can mention as answering how to find out what websites someone has visited using email, is this app. You should know that it is automatically hidden after installing the app. It gives you the possibility of controlling activities in all parts of your target mobile phone.


This spy app is professional Android spy software and it allows the user to secretly access the text messages, information, and exact location of the target party. With the iSpyoo app on Android, you can monitor activities such as browser history, apps installed on the phone, Gmail, mobile ID, event calendar, text messages, GPS locations or mobile ID location, recording of surroundings, camera, Facebook Messenger, Twitter Messenger.

Prevent mobile phone hacking

In addition, we talked about how to find out what websites someone has visited using email, we want to mention some ways that you can use to prevent mobile phone hacking. So keep in mind that:

Update your system

The first way to prevent your mobile phone from being hacked is to update or keep the operating system of the device up to date. Updates that are periodically released for mobile phones (both Android and iOS) include many security changes that will naturally increase the security of the device and make it harder to break into it.

Download the application from Google Play and App Store

To be sure that the applications you download are not malicious or spying and will not bring you the risk of hacking your mobile phone, we recommend that you download only the applications you want from reliable sources such as Google Play Store and App Store.

Passwords on applications

You can always make it harder for a hacker to access your information. For example, if you exchange important information with your email, try to set a suitable password for it so that even if your phone is directly hacked, the hacker will need to go through another layer of security to access your email application information.

Summing up

If you are looking for how to find out what websites someone has visited using email, we mentioned the ways that are possible to hack and access the search history. In this article from Spy Family we talked about 3 important spy apps and gave you information about each app. Also, we talked about tips to describe prevent mobile phone hacking. Hope this post can help you and get information about what you wanted.

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