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How to find someone on Kik or Telegram without phone number?

Not having a number to message people is a bit difficult, and you must use some workarounds. In this article from, we will answer the question “how to find someone on Kik or Telegram without phone number” from Spy and provide you with methods. If you are interested in these topics, stay with us until the end.

How to find someone on Kik or Telegram without phone number

The first method to answer the question “how to find someone on Kik or telegram without phone number” is the following steps. In normal mode, Telegram does not allow us to find people’s numbers in Telegram unless we have set this option publicly from the Telegram settings section so that everyone can see our number.

But if a person has hidden his mobile number, there is still a possibility that someone can get that person’s number by using social engineering and getting close to the other person.

  • You can find it through the ADD CONTACT option.
  • The possibility of adding a contact is one of the features that Telegram has provided to the audience.
  • This feature is highly effective and practical, but it always provides a way for abuse in many cases.

Now how to find the telegram number?

A person who communicated with you and was able to gain your relative trust with social techniques will find the intention to add your account. While adding your account to the contact list, you will see an option: “Do you want your number to be displayed to the other party or not!” That person deliberately ticks that option to get your attention so that you can see that person’s number.

As soon as this is done and the other party adds you to his contact list, you will see the other person’s number. If this person could gain your trust, you may also want to save this person’s account in the list of Telegram contacts (pay attention that Telegram contacts are not related to your phone contacts) and add them. This is your address. While adding, it is enough that you are not distracted, and you have ticked the option to show the number to the opposite party. In this case, the other party will see your number, and you will not be able to do anything.

How to find someone on Kik or Telegram without phone number

Are you finding people in Telegram without having a number through id?

To find people in Telegram without having the person’s number, it is enough to have the other party’s ID. For this, there are three methods that we are referring to.

Searching people by Telegram ID: In this method, in the search section, we enter the other party’s ID along with @, and there is no difference in the Android and desktop versions.

When you enter the ID in the search field but could not find the person you want, you can use this method to send the exact ID of the opposite person along with @ to a person in Telegram. After that, this phrase becomes linked, and you can start chatting with that person by tapping on it. In this method, you must open your browser and enter “username/,” and enter the other person’s ID instead of the word username.

 Final words

In this article from, the question of how to find someone on Kik or Telegram without a phone number was answered, and methods were provided to you. If you are interested in learning these topics, ask your questions in the comment section so that they will be answered as soon as possible.

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