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How employers monitor employees computer?

Employers want to know their employees’ activities on business-owned digital devices. They also want to know how employees use their mobile phones, tablets, and desktop devices and are employees using their working hours productively or not. In this post from Spy.Family, we will discuss how employers monitor employees computers. Stay with us to read this post to the end.

How employers monitor employees computer?

As we told you, for various reasons, employers can monitor the employees. They want to prevent time-wasting habits, insider threats, data breaches, and suspicious employee activities for business security. Therefore, employers sometimes have to monitor the activities of their employees.

It includes several technical solutions to collect information about digital device employee activities that we will explain in the following.

Using TheOneSpy

An employer can monitor sent/received emails on owned computer devices and track the location of employees on file for various reasons. So, apart from spying on employee data, you can collect information and protect valuable data stored on devices with backup facilities.

You can identify employees who used to waste their time during office hours and delay assigned tasks, and pay more attention to the monthly activities of unclaimed employees. Evaluate all the negatives you can, even those employees who are engaged and determined to do the best for the company.

Some of the features of this monitoring app:

  • Employers can spy on sent/received emails
  • The employer can have the saved data for the information stored on personal computers
  • The employer can filter time-wasting websites on PCs and smartphones
  • The business owner can monitor the social media conversation logs of employees
  • You can live screen – record computers and mobile phones in real-time
  • Capture photos remotely from digital devices given to employees
  • Track all keystrokes applied on PCs and smartphones
  • Track the GPS location of employees during business hours to confirm their presence
  • Record and listen to customer service cell phone calls,


Another app to mention as how employers monitor employees computer is using Spy24. As we said, controlling external forces and marketers has always been one of the concerns of managers of a large company. Quality control of employees and marketers with customers ensures the health of your business family’s performance. You can also customize the settings of the reporting system as you need. Some other features of this spy app:

  • Installation without causing the slightest sensitivity and completely cleverly hidden
  • Controlling access to the Internet and websites visited by employees
  • Control of all social media installed on the target employee’s system like Telegram, Instagram, WhatsApp.
  • Controlling SMS and text messanges.

How employers monitor employees computer?

Do you want to eliminate worries about business productivity, time wastage and suspicious activities of employees, and many more? In this article from Spy.Family we explain how employers monitor employees computer. Install TheOneSpy and spy24 employee monitoring software on desktop/desktop devices and a compatible operating system. These apps come with more flexibility, powerful features, and multiple solutions that allow you to know all the activities of employees on company-owned devices.

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