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How to check on your childs Google Hangout?

As you know, with Google Hangouts, you can send messages, emoticons, photos, or video call friends and family. You can start a Hangout from Gmail, a Google+ page or profile, the Chrome desktop app, an Android or iOS device. In this article from Spy Family we want to give you information about how to check on your childs Google Hangout. So stay with us to learn more.

What is Google Hangout?

It is a set of free tools that can be used to hold video conferences, webinars, or even press meetings. It is hosted online and can be implemented on laptops, computers, tablets and smart phones using web cam equipment, microphones, etc., and participants can be present virtually.
Hangouts Live can be just like a conference call or webinar.

You invite the participants on a certain date and time and they must login to their Google account at the specified time and participate in the meeting. The free tool only allows 10 people to interact at a time, but an unlimited number of viewers can only watch and listen during the session. People who are watching can send their comments or questions online to the speakers or all members after or during the meeting.
Hangouts can also be recorded for later playback.

Also, if you don’t have a YouTube channel, definitely create one for your company and business and easily connect your Hangouts to it and share the conferences that have been held on your YouTube channel. On the other hand, a recorded Hangout can be easily shared on GooglePlus or YouTube page and even on the company’s website page.

How to check on your childs Google Hangout?
How to check on your childs Google Hangout?

Is Google Hangouts safe?

It is interesting to know that it is a very suitable program that will entertain you. Any application that gives you access to digital conversations should be monitored by parents. Google Hangouts offers better controls than iMessage/SMS across devices. Sometimes it is better for parents to ask children: “Have you seen a conversation that bothered you?” Then in this way they can provide some security.

How to check on your childs Google Hangout?

If you want know that how to check on your childs Google Hangout, we want to mention some apps that you can use it easily to access what you want.


One of the most popular and best of these applications is mSpy. It is a secret and remote cell phone tracking and control app that needs to be installed and activated on your target device. After installation, the mSpy program allows you to accurately and momentarily find the location of the phone, report and control calls, control text messages and more. Some features of this app :

  1. Completely hidden installation without icons and notifications
  2. Controlling calls Controlling messages (SMS)
  3. Controlling Phone location, images, gallery and contacts
  4. Controlling of websites
  5. Controlling Phone camera and phone microphone
  6. Controlling Viber, Telegram and other social media

The spying app that I am talking about, is installed on your child’s device and then sends the chats it records straight to your email. mSpy also has a feature that lets you have their entire call history for as long as they have been using Google Hangouts.

mSpy is a parental control program to protect your children well from the dangers of the Internet, interestingly, this program has various monitoring features. This program gives access to parents to have a complete insight of their children’s online activity.

It is good to know that with mSpy, you can also monitor other apps like Google Hangouts. One of the positive features of this app is location tracking. You need to know that mSpy will alert you when your child enters or leaves a restricted area.


If you’re worried about your kids’ Google Hangouts activities on their mobile phones, the second method that you should try is uMobix. It is a parental management app that lets parents see into their kids’ devices. You just have to install the app on their device, and you’ll be able to see their text messages and who they’re chatting with or talking to.

It is clear that uMobix isn’t just a Hangouts tracker. It can also see other social media apps and allow you to see the contents of the target device. This includes other chat apps.

uMobix even has other features like viewing phone files, logging keystrokes, and even tracking location. In the next section, I’ll guide you step-by-step on how you can use uMobix to look at Google Hangouts messages on the target device.


Another way you can spy and track your childs social medias activity such as Google hangout, is to use Spy 24 app. By using this app you can track others activities and messages easily and have access to them. In addition to Google Hangout, you can access other applications installed on their phones and see files, media, messages, etc. and also track the location.

How to check on your childs Google Hangout?
How to check on your childs Google Hangout?

Everything about Google Hangout

Read the following features of Hangout:

  1. The possibility of installing the application on Android, iOS and personal computers.
  2. The possibility of using Google Hangout in Gmail by updating Gmail chat to hangouts.
  3. The possibility of using it on the Google+ site.
  4. The ability to make video calls with excellent quality, up to 10 people at the same time.
  5. Add special effects to video calls for more fun.
  6. The possibility of calling by text (chat) with beautiful emoticons and sending photos.
  7. Possibility of group chat even if your friends are not online at that moment.
  8. Ability to archive conversations for future review.

Possible dangers that threaten children:

People may create profiles on social networks that are actually fake and become friends with our children. Children also send their personal pictures to them without any thought, which are eventually used for blackmail purposes. These days there are very sophisticated criminals and they influence the minds of young children through the internet.

How to check on your childs Google Hangout?
How to check on your childs Google Hangout?

At the end

In this article from Spy Family we talked about How to check on your childs Google Hangout. We gave you 2 important methods that are more common and useful (using mSpy and uMobix). We also give you information about Google Hangout.

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