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How can you tell if your phone has been cloned?

Nowadays, cloning has become the popular method that hackers, use. In this article on Spy Family, firstly, we will explain about how can you tell if your phone has been cloned. Then we will give you complete information about what is phone cloning. So read this article to know more.

How can you tell if your phone has been cloned?

Cell phone cloning is a technique wherein secured data from one cell phone is transferred into another phone. In other words, the other cell phone becomes the exact replica of the original cell phone like a clone.

In the simplest of terms, phone cloning involves copying the identity of one mobile device to use it on another. Although there are three main methods of cloning, AMPS, CDMA, and GSM cloning, only the latter is more popular.

In the following, we will mention some items that consider answering how can you tell if your phone has been cloned.

  1. Charges on your Phone Bill
  2. Your Phone is showing two locations at once
  3. You’re not receiving calls & texts
  4. Unrelated accounts keep getting hacked
  5. You’ve received messages stating SIM updated
  6. You’ve responded to a text asking you to restart your phone

In general, if you want to understand how to know if your phone has been hacked, read the following:

  • You see something on your phone that you have never seen before, and it is unknown to you. (e.g., apps, messages you didn’t send, purchases you didn’t make, calls you didn’t make).
  • Feel that your phone is running slower than before. Because after your phone is hacked, your resources and battery will be used a lot, and it will be hotter than usual.
  • Your internet data usage will increase dramatically. Malicious processes may consume data on your mobile phone in the background, for example downloading your files or using your phone’s camera and microphone to listen and take pictures.
  • Your phone is behaving strangely, for example apps not running the way they should, turning on or off unexpectedly, etc.

How can you tell if your phone has been cloned

What is phone cloning?

Mobile phone cloning is a way of making a copy of the entire mobile phone data in another mobile by an illegal methodology. The purpose of such an activity is to make unauthorized use of the mobile phone. The data in the other phone would contain all the data of the previous phone that can be used for fraudulent activities or for making anonymous calls from the clone, causing the bill to be addressed to the correct mobile owner.

As a result, while calls can be made from and received by both phones, only the legitimate subscriber is billed as the service provider network does not have a way to differentiate between the legitimate phone and the “cloned” phone.

Phone charging soon

To answer the question, How can you tell if your phone has been cloned? It’s the early loss of charge that causes the phone to malfunction. If you don’t use your phone often, such as playing games continuously, you can be sure that the phone is controlled. Of course, remember that there are various reasons for the phone to run out of charge early. If your device is taking longer than usual to charge, you can be sure of this.

Receiving unusual messages

If you receive unrelated and incomprehensible messages that have never happened before, for example, messages that contain many characters and numbers, you are probably under control. These messages are similar to the codes sent to track people’s location.

Another way to reveal the signs of espionage from a software point of view is through anti-spyware programs and apps. An example of these apps is Anti Spy Mobile. iPhone phones are usually more secure than Android phones (if they are not jailbroken or unlocked), so if your phone is an iPhone, you can be sure of its excellent safety; Because installing spyware requires physical contact with the device. If you are familiar with the person who is spying, you can use a simple trick to make a trap for that person and prevent them from eavesdropping and stealing your phone information. For this purpose, follow the instructions below:

  • Get a cheap modem and connect the new modem to the original modem using LAN cables. Make sure that the address to enter the settings of the modems is different; For example, the manufacturing companies are different. If the login address of your current modem settings is, note that the address of the new modem is
  • First, connect your mobile phone to the new Wi-Fi and then connect the laptop or computer to the new modem.
  • Download one packet sniffer tool that analyzes the computer’s exchanged data from the Internet by searching the words “Open source packet sniffer.”
  • After installing the packet sniffer, could you enable it and send an email? After sending, a lot of information
  • will be displayed. Pay more attention to URLs. If you have been spied on, many copies of the email you sent will be sent to different IPs that are different from the IP of your Internet service provider. You can search the term IP lookup on the Internet to distinguish the IP of your ISP from other IPs

To sum up

“How can you tell if your phone has been cloned?” was the topic that we discussed in this post. We mentioned 6 factors to talk about how to know if your phone has been cloned. Also, we explain what is phone cloning, and we introduce it completely. We hope this article from Spy Family can be useful for you.

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