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How to get back my hacked telegram account

One of the most frequently asked questions in the comments section is account recovery. In this article, we will answer the question “How to get back my hacked telegram account” from Spy and provide free training.

We will introduce you to the best way to get back my hacked telegram account

What do we learn from this article?

  • How to get back my hacked telegram account
  • The best way to restore Telegram account

You can search for the best ways to spy, hack and solve your problems in articles on the Spy .family site. You can also ask questions in the comments section so our experts can answer your questions quickly. Stay with us until the end.

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How to get back my hacked telegram account

How to get back my hacked telegram account

There are many ways to restore the account, but you should pay close attention to the time of doing this. Below we will discuss the best way to recover a Telegram account together:

  1. Reset the account
  2. Getting help from Telegram support
  3. Complaining and blocking the SIM card
  4. Telegram account recovery with email

1.Reset the account

One of the ways that most people usually use to answer the question “How to get back my hacked telegram account” is this method. To do this, you do not need to pay a fee and can easily reset your account.To do this, just follow the steps below to recover your account quickly.

  1. If the hacker has left a two-step password for the account, you must follow the reset steps.
  2. You must enter the two-step password after entering the SMS verification code.
  3. In this step, since you have forgotten the password, tap on the Forget Password option, which means forgetting the password.
  4. Now tap on the blue text (Having trouble accessing your email…) shown in the image below
  5. After displaying the message “Your remaining options are euther to remember your password or to reset your account”, tap on OK
  6.  Touch the red Reset Account option
  7.  A message will be displayed to you, which means losing all the information in the account. You must reset your account with the loss of information to reaccess your Telegram. Tap OK for thisNow the reset account message will be displayed for you, which you should click on OK. Your account will be reset after 7 days.

How to get back my hacked telegram account


Pros Cons
You do not need to pay All contents of your account will be deleted
The security of your account will return to the previous state Access to the user account will be completely lost

2.Getting help from Telegram support

One of the other ways to answer How to get back my hacked telegram account is to use this method. This method may be difficult for you and take a long time. To do this, it is enough to follow the following steps well so that you don’t encounter any problems in your work process:

  1. First, go to Telegram Support and submit your request in English in the Please describe your problem box.
  2. Enter a valid email in Your email and then enter the hacked line number with the country code in the Your phone number field and click Submit to be sent to support
    Pay attention to the fact that the text must be in fluent English with convincing reasons.
  3. Provide proof of SIM card, passport or certificate and proof that the number is yours
    For example, please explain how to steal your line, and then take a photo of, for example, two identification documents of the SIM card (poke or anything) and upload and send it to an external upload centre such as a file bin.
  4. Email the same message and documents you entered on the above site to [email protected] with the same email you wrote

And you quickly sent your request message to Telegram support.

How to get back my hacked telegram account

Pros Cons
Your account will not be deleted The message may be answered after a long time
The security of your account is supported by Telegram If the text is not sent accurately, you will not get a response

3.Complaining and blocking the SIM card

Perhaps dealing legally is one of the best ways to answer the question of How to get back my hacked telegram account. By blocking your SIM card, you can easily block all access to your account. To block, follow the steps below.

  1. With the SIM card and documents of the line owner in hand, go to the subscriber affairs centre in your city to find a solution to the problem.
  2. If the matter is severe and your line is being scammed, go to the police and file a complaint. The court may not be able to take your line back, but it will be proven that possible fraud and vandalism have nothing to do with you
  3. Register a blocking request to prove that you are not in the account and someone else is active in your account

How to get back my hacked telegram account

Pros Cons
No one is spying on your number It may take a lot of time
Your mobile phone will be secured It costs money

4.Telegram account recovery with email

This way is usually not possible for all people, and some work needs to be done so that you can answer the question of How to get back my hacked telegram account using this method. It is only possible to create a Telegram account with an actual or even virtual phone number, and you will not be able to create a Telegram account with email or Gmail.

Therefore, it is only possible to access your Telegram account in this way if you have used the second password for activation. Therefore, it is only under the condition that you can access your account through email and send the activation code.

  1. Enable two-step authentication.
  2. For this, you must assign the second password to your Telegram account
  3. receive the activation code that is sent as a message on Telegram or mobile phone,
  4. When assigning this password, a valid email address will be taken from you so that if you forget the password, you can use the option to recover the password by email.
  5. Install Telegram on the new device and mobile phone you intend to restore and follow the steps of entering the mobile phone number and receiving the initial activation code.
  6. Enter the code in the relevant field until the step continues, and you will be asked for the second password, which is the two-step authentication.
  7. Now that you don’t remember the second password, you should click on the Forgot Password option.
  8. This code will be sent to your email, it will be sent to the email that you gave when assigning the second password to Telegram

How to get back my hacked telegram account

Pros Cons
There is no cost to you Not always available
The chances of getting your account back are high If it is not active, it is of no use to you

Final words

In this article from Spy .family, we answered the question that was raised in Kant, i.e. How to get back my hacked telegram account, and we tried to teach you the best methods.

f you are interested in spying, we recommend the article (How to protect Telegram from hacking? ) Please read the site and share your comments with us.

What did you learn from this article?

  • How to get back my hacked telegram account
  • The best way to restore Telegram account

Please share your experiences with us in the comment section.

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