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How to hack whatsapp remotely?

Hacking WhatsApp remotely is much easier than hacking; only a hacker can start hacking into his home using a system. In this article from spy. family, we will answer the question of how to hack WhatsApp remotely, and we will take you to step by step to become a hacker. If you are interested in these topics, stay with us until the end.

How to hack WhatsApp remotely

Hacking using coding

The first to answer the question of how to hack WhatsApp remotely is to hack using coding. In this method, the hacker starts hacking WhatsApp anywhere in the world using the codes he has written, and this method is a bit difficult and requires knowledge of programming and coding. Every average person cannot do this. But this method is the most reliable method and safest method.


Another way to answer the question of how to hack WhatsApp remotely is phishing. But it is not a very safe method for you, and it may have risks for you, and you may be prosecuted.

Phishing; It is one of the most essential and well-known branches of social engineering. Phishing or trapping is a method to trick the person or persons you want to send you the information you need through a fake login page. One essential thing about making a phishing attack is that you need to have excellent social engineering skills to trick someone into clicking your link. Social engineering, or the art of deception, is one of the most dangerous hacking methods in the world, and a very high percentage of successful hacks have been made through it.

Access to the WhatsApp mobile database

One of the oldest ways to answer the question of how to hack WhatsApp remotely is to access the database. This method is very convenient in phones with the Android operating system. Just connect the other party’s phone to the computer with USB and do the following steps:

  1. Select the File Transfer Mode option and enter the phone memory through the computer. Now go to Storage & WhatsApp & Databases; In this section, some WhatsApp backups can be seen. Copy the files in the mentioned path to your computer.
  2. After that, it is necessary to perform a decoding operation. For this, you must download the computer version of WhatsApp (WhatsApp Web); But before running and starting to work with it, the name of the database file should be changed to msgstore.DB.crypt.
  3. For this, go to WhatsApp & Databases on the computer, and if the database file does not exist, create it. Then the renamed file (msgstore.DB.crypt) is to the specified path.
  4. After that, open WhatsApp on the computer and enter the desired phone number. When prompted to restore previous files, you can access all old chats.

Using infected links or malware

Another method to answer the question of how to hack WhatsApp remotely is to use the infected link, which is not recommended, but it is one of the methods of hacking WhatsApp. This method requires programming knowledge in the field of hacking and security.

In this method, by identifying the target, the hacker can produce malware and send it to the target to influence him to install it. By installing the malware, the hacker gains access to the phone’s text messages, which can obtain the WhatsApp verification code and hack the target person’s WhatsApp without needing physical access.

Last words

If you are interested in hacking WhatsApp, in this article from spy. family, the question of how to hack WhatsApp remotely was answered, and it prepared you to become a hacker. If you have used the mentioned methods, share your experiences with us in the comment section.

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