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Guestspy App Free Reviews Apk Download

GuestSpy is the leading free mobile spy app. Try GuestSpy Free Of Charge And Undetected. Include Ten or More GuestSpy Features, Including GPS, SMS, calls, Social Chats, and Voice Recording. Stay with Spy Family. GuestSpy will be introduced to you (Guest Spy). It is a free phone monitoring app. Include more than ten features for free.

GuestSpy: The Leading Free Mobile Spy App

Guestspy App Free Reviews Apk Download
Guestspy App Free Reviews Apk Download


Regarding GuestSpy App

If you wish to spy on someone’s mobile phone, you need a reliable phone spy application. GuestSpy provides the most outstanding results out of all the accessible online spy tools. GuestSpy can be downloaded directly from the website and installed on the target’s smartphone. After doing so, you can spy on the phone’s activity.


GuestSpy is a potent surveillance program that enables you to track the target’s activity. This application allows you to read and record text messages sent and received on the target’s mobile device. Unlike other applications, it will not divulge any information to other platforms, including social networking sites. In addition, this application may track GPS location and access the entire textual content of the device.

The app is designed to work flawlessly on your desired device and is offered for no cost. There is no cost associated with using this application. It is accessible for free on the website. You do not need to input payment information to utilize it.

While the GuestSpy program does not expose the target’s identity, you can still track their activities. This is accomplished via a straightforward installation process on the device. The installation process is straightforward and takes only a few minutes. You can then monitor the targeted user’s phone and take appropriate action.

GuestSpy’s numerous functions and features make it the ideal spyware application for any circumstance. With the proliferation of high-tech devices, cyber dangers have grown in importance. Children are more inclined to connect with strangers and utilize online games and challenges to occupy themselves when they have access to social media.


This software is an excellent tool for monitoring your child’s smartphone activity. Using GuestSpy, you will know your child’s location and internet activity. The app is so simple to install that it will not affect your child’s device’s functionality.

GuestSpy is capable of much more than monitoring your child’s phone. The application’s GPS tracking capability allows it to keep track of a device and its owner. This is useful if you need to locate a troublesome individual immediately. If the suspect is a stranger, the application can track that individual.

GuestSpy is the best available monitoring app for Android and other mobile devices. It is technologically advanced and simple to install. It can track calls, SMS, browser history, emails, and calendars, among other things. Additionally, it is free and compatible with all Android devices. The application is simple to use and requires a persistent online connection. It can also remotely delete and lock the target phone’s data.

Guestspy App Free Reviews Apk Download
Guestspy App Free Reviews Apk Download

10+ Functions of the GuestSpy App

GuestSpy is one of the most excellent free phone spy applications for monitoring various phone activities. This program comes with 10+ capabilities that you may use to spy on any phone activity for free.

Free GPS Tracker

This is the app’s primary function, allowing you to track your phone’s location. Every phone has a built-in GPS. Therefore the GPS tracking feature allows you to spy on the precise location of any phone. This function will allow you to track your child’s phone location and locate missing devices.

Track the Position of a Mobile Device

Text Message Hacking

Text message spy is another capability that may be used with this application. It allows you to spy on all text messages on a mobile device. You will have access to all of your inbox and outbox messages. In addition to reading messages, you may spy on information, including dates and times.

Read more about SMS Message Spying.

Secret Call

This function allows you to view call logs on your phone. It is a fundamental surveillance feature that allows you to view the phone call history. Both incoming and outgoing calls can be viewed. You will receive comprehensive call logs that include call duration, caller details, and the date and time of each call.

Read more about Spy Call Records.

Call Recording Device

This advanced espionage function can also snoop on someone’s phone. It will allow you to record phone calls secretly. You can record live calls and listen to the audio to determine what is being said over the phone.

Call Monitoring and Recording

WhatsApp Hack

This function allows you to monitor WhatsApp communications. You can read all WhatsApp chats and messages when you employ them. This feature on WhatsApp allows you to view both media files and call logs.

Facebook Spy

Utilize this function if you wish to snoop on Facebook. It will assist you in monitoring Facebook chats and messages. You may examine every communication data alongside the current date and time. It will allow you to verify the sender and recipient’s information.

Monitor Facebook and More

Snapchat Spy

You will be able to spy on Snapchat messages using this capability. It will assist you in viewing all Snapchat messages. You can read every message and view every communication’s specifics.

Investigation of Snapchat

Monitor Internet Histories

This function will allow you to monitor your web browsing history. You will benefit from knowing what your children are doing online. You can examine their browsing history to determine which websites they frequent and what they watch.

Ambient Voice Recording

This is additional sophisticated functionality. It allows you to record phone ambient sounds. This feature is helpful if you want to know what’s happening close to the phone. You will be able to both record and listen to ambient sounds.

Listen to and Real-Time Voice Recording

Contact Records

This function can be used to spy on phone book contacts. It will include name, number, contact photographs, and email address. You may also view all newly added contacts.

Free Keylogger

This function allows you to see what someone is typing on their smartphone. It will assist you in recording all phone keystrokes. You may view a person’s current messages and search history.


  • Installing the GuestSpy App on Android
  • Install GuestSpy Android App

The most excellent solution for spying on someone is the GuestSpy application. This application enables you to spy on any Android device. It would help if you took the following actions to spy on an Android phone using this application.

Download and install the Guest Spy APK file.

If you wish to spy on the GuestSpy software, you must download and install it on your mobile device. Before downloading the application, you must enable sources and disable the package verifier. After that, the APK file can be downloaded from the website. You must also install the app on your mobile device.

After installing the app on your mobile device, you must configure your account with the app. You must launch the application and select the register or sign up option to accomplish this. Enter your complete information to create your spying account.

Connect with the target device

This is the most crucial stage. Here, you must link the app to the desired device. You need to configure the settings on your Android phone. A similar app must then be downloaded and installed on the mobile device. After completion, log into your account and then hide the application. After connecting the app to the target’s phone, you need to log in to your spying account to monitor the device. You are allowed to choose any function to spy on the phone.

Why Do You Need GuestSpy?

GuestSpy is an excellent phone spying application. With this application, you can perform a variety of tasks. Here are several applications and advantages of this phone spy application.

Monitoring Employees

The GuestSpy application can be used to spy on your staff. It is simple to install and use and can be a highly efficient method of staff monitoring. Additionally, you can easily enforce company phone usage regulations, back up your data, and locate misplaced phones. Employers can utilize GuestSpy to discover the truth about their employees’ activities and prohibit them from engaging in inappropriate behaviour.

You can use the application to monitor the mobile phone usage of your employees and enforce corporate standards. It is also an excellent technique to regulate the cell phone usage of your staff and safeguard your business from fraud. It is a potent instrument for keeping an eye on any employee.

Identifying a Cheater

This program is compatible with any standard Android device. Additionally, it can be used to snoop on your partner’s phone. It automatically records all outgoing and incoming calls on the target device. The recordings can be listened to in real time. GuestSpy logs all phone calls, which can be viewed later.

Even multimedia files can be accessed on the target device. The GuestSpy application is simple to install and use. This application is ideal for determining whether your boyfriend is cheating on you. It will aid in catching a cheater.

Parental Control

Install the GuestSpy application on your smartphone to monitor a child’s online activities. The application can monitor activities on any smartphone, including mobile phones, tablets, and computers. There are numerous advantages to installing GuestSpy on a child’s mobile device. It can assist you in discovering any inappropriate content on your child’s gadget.

Another advantage of GuestSpy is its ability to capture sent and received messages from a target user. You can also monitor the photos your child stores on their mobile device. This function allows you to determine if your children are being blackmailed.

Locate and Backup Lost Phone

Using GuestSpy is one of the finest ways to locate and back up a missing phone. This proprietary spy program allows you to monitor all activity on the target device. It is also a fantastic method for monitoring erased data from the target mobile device. This application can help you locate a misplaced phone and back up its data. Additionally, the software can track GPS location. With GPS tracking, you can locate a misplaced phone.

How to Download and Install the GuestSpy Free Mobile Spy App

Three Simple Steps to Download and Install the Free GuestSpy Phone Spy App. Install GuestSpy to monitor the target phone’s call logs, text messages, and GPS location.

  • Download and install version 2.0 of the GuestSpy Phone Spy Free App.
  • Click the “Download Free Phone Tracker” button below to download it and accept our terms and conditions.

Regarding GuestSpy App

If you are concerned about the type of online content your children are exposed to, then the GuestSpy App is your best option. This application allows you to monitor your children’s phone usage effectively and protect them from harmful online content.

The GuestSpy is a little different from other mobile spy apps on the market, as it gives additional, helpful functions (in addition to the standard GPS tracking) that can be beneficial when utilized properly. Additionally, the application includes undetectable software that inhibits external interference.

The application is intended to be a parental control app to protect children when they browse the internet. Still, it can also be used by a business to track and monitor the digital behaviour of its employees. This program supports both iOS and Android platforms.

  1. Downloading And Installing The GuestSpy Application
  2. Follow the steps below to download and install the GuestSpy application.
  3. You must enable unknown sources and disable Package Verifier before downloading and installing GuestSpy.
  4. Enable unidentified sources. (Only Android <= 7.1)
  5. To download and install the application, you must enable installation from unknown sources on your mobile device if it is not already enabled.
  6. Deactivate Package Verifier to prevent Google Play Service from scanning and detecting the case. It would be best if you disabled Package Verifier for Phone Tracker to operate effectively and quietly.

Download the Guest spy APK app

You can install the program on your phone after downloading it from the official website. This software is unavailable through the official app store and must be downloaded from an alternative source. Enable downloads and installations from external sources in your phone’s security settings as the initial step. After downloading the program from the website, install it on a mobile device.

Create and configure your account in Step 1:

After downloading and installing the application, the following step is to create an account. This simple process is identical to creating an account on any other app. To establish an account, you must give a valid username, email address, and secure password.

Step 2: Establish a connection with the target phone

In this phase, you must have physical access to the target’s phone, even if only for a few minutes. Follow the preceding steps to download and install GuestSpy on the phone, and then wipe the phone’s download and browser history. Additionally, remember to hide the program icon from the phone’s display.

Step 3: Begin your surveillance efforts

Once the app has been installed on both your phone and your target’s phone, you can proceed. To accomplish this, launch the application and sign in to your account. Once logged in, you may quickly view and monitor the target’s phone’s various activities. You can also estimate the target’s phone usage for several purposes, like calling, web browsing, and others.

1-GuestSpy Review – Evaluation of Spyware

GuestSpy is a highly advanced smartphone monitoring application with excellent spying capabilities. If you are concerned about the cell phone usage of your children or employees, you must install this program on the target smartphone.

This application will help you track your family’s online activity and their GPS positions, allowing you to locate them at any time and from any location. Here is a comprehensive evaluation of the GuestSpy app. A Few Outstanding Features Of Guestspy 1 Guestspy offers SMS/text message monitoring:

  • Message content: Examine the complete contents of messages sent and received by the specified user.
  • Message details: Obtain contact information for both the sender and recipient
  • Timespan: Date and time stamp information for each text message sent and received on the targeted mobile device.


2-Guestspy Maintains a Record of Call Logs

Calling details: Get all callers’ names and phone numbers in the call log, as well as information on missed calls.

Call duration: Access specific information, such as the duration of the call to or from the suspected individual, as well as the time and date of the call.

3-Calls are recorded in secret via Guestspy’s concealed call recorder.

You can record all incoming and outgoing calls made by the designated user. Using GuestSpy, you may activate call recordings for particular phone numbers and receive continuous updates to your online account.

4-Guestspy live telephone recording surrounded

Record surrounding: Listen to all live surrounding sounds from miles away by connecting to your GuestSpy online control panel.

Command Execution: You can take advantage of the live recording capability by simply sending text messages to the target smartphone.

5-Guestspy offers GPS monitoring services.

  • Get access to the GPS log of the user you desire to spy on, including the latitude, longitude, time, and date stamps of each location visited.
  • Keep track of a loved one’s location by monitoring their location history, automatically posted to your online account whenever they visit a new area.

6-Guestspy tracks instant messaging programs

  1. Access your teen’s or family members’ Whatsapp communications with additional details such as profile name and number, time and date of chats, photos, videos, and audio files.
  2. Skype: Monitor all Skype chats with the date and time stamps, contact information, images, videos, and audio files transmitted via the targeted cell phone.
  3. Snapchat: Monitor the targeted phone’s Snapchat messages and gain access to the names and phone numbers of senders and receivers, as well as the date and time information.
  4. Viber: Monitor all Viber chat chats and photographs or videos shared.
  5. Line: Examine all images, audio, and video files sent through the LINE app with the additional date and time information for each discussion.

7-Monitor all chat discussions conducted via Hangout.

Kik: Administer all KIK instant messaging program exchanges, including the name, number, date, and time of each message.

BBM: Get complete information about BBM messages, photos, videos, and audio sent and received by the Blackberry user you wish to monitor.

Facebook: Remotely view Facebook messages, photos, audio files, and video files sent via the targeted mobile device.

8-Guestspy monitors web surfing history

  • Web browser cache: Check all visited URLs and follow their browser’s history
  • Url extra detail: You can trace the date and time of a website’s visitors and the number of times a suspicious user has visited that website.

9-Guestspy phone directory traces

Phone book entries: You can remotely access all the entries recorded on the target smartphone, including address, email address, and birthday information associated with each contact.

10-Guestspy monitors multimedia files

Image tracking: GuestSpy’s Photo tracker captures images stored on the target’s mobile phone and records all movies saved there, which can be accessed through your web dashboard.

11-Guestspy allows remote access

SMS control: With an internet connection, you may send text messages directly to the targeted mobile phone to remotely enjoy the benefits of spying functions.

12-Guestspy provides auto-response and spy calling capabilities.

  • Auto answering: You can activate the auto-responding mode remotely.
  • Secret calls: Activate the Spy calling feature without accessing the target smartphone in person

13-Guestspy gives an online live control panel

Live panel: With the aid of an internet connection, you may use GuestSpy’s live control panel, which enables you to control the suspect’s smartphone remotely.

14-Guestspy monitors user activity.

User Conduct: Receive alerts regarding the target user’s internet login and logout times.

15-Guestspy is challenging to identify

Undetectable: GuestSpy assures that its feature is 100 per cent undetected on Android and iPhone/iPad.

Positives and Negatives Based on Guest Opinions:


  • Spy’s call and surrounding recording functions are exceptional, and a handful of other cell phone tracking programs offer this.
  • Its web control panel gives you complete control over your teen’s smartphone.
  • Its auto-answering and spy-calling features are unique and highly functional.


  • It doesn’t support voice call interception
  • Lack of accessibility to internet conversation
  • Compared to other Cell Phone Spying Software, it lacks various capabilities.

Pricing and Strategy

  • Standard issue
  • Monthly: $20.00 99 cents
  • $45.99 each quarter
  • Semiannual: $89.99
  • Annually: $129.99
  • Premium edition
  • Monthly price: $24.99
  • $160.99 each quarter
  • Quarterly: $100.99
  • Annually: $149.99
  • Gold version
  • Each month: $28.99
  • $75.99 each quarter
  • Quarterly: $129.99
  • Annual: $160.99

What’s Our Verdict?

Guest spy is undeniably an excellent Cell Phone Spying Software with many capabilities. Parents and employers can use this software to prevent the disclosure of secret employee information. Using applications like GuestSpy helps improve the company’s cybersecurity.

The GuestSpy app includes a team of customer support representatives constantly prepared to address any user’s concerns. You can contact them if you need to ask a question or have difficulties with the program.

Guestspy App Free Reviews Apk Download
Guestspy App Free Reviews Apk Download


Today, we must all acknowledge that cell phones are a necessary evil. However, youngsters are the most susceptible to this technology’s myriad ills and dangers. However, programs like GuestSpy allow parents to monitor their children’s phone usage and protect them from harm. We tried to be with you in the article on to answer your questions, and we hope it was helpful to you.

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