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Can you see other people’s search history?

If you are wondered can you see other people’s search history or not, there is a complete information about this topic and we will answer can you check someone’s browsing history from another computer. So read this article on Spy Family to learn what we explain about.

Can you see other people’s search history?

If you are thinking that can you find someone’s search history and you are worried about your child or anyone else and want to know what is she searching for (for example your children are accessing sites that offer violent or free adult content, or your partner is browsing web pages that are potentially dangerous for their sensitive data), read these following ways.

  1. Team Viewer
  2. Spy 24
  3. eyeZy
  4. OgyMogy

Here there are information about each mentioned app. And then you will understand can you see other people’s search history.

can you find someone's search history?

1) Team Viewer

If you want to know can you check someone’s browsing history from another computer or devices, we should explain that: in general, the facilities provided by this app are very complete and include the following:

  • Full viewing of the desktop screen and keyboard and mouse control
  • Send and receive files between two computers
  • Text conversation between two computers
  • Control of all sections and advertisements of system specifications
  • The possibility of sharing one or more files between the people you want
  • The ability to share your desktop for a specified period of time between the people you want

Another advantage of this app is that you can access and control your computer through different devices such as iPad, iPhone and Android operating system. In addition, this program can be installed on the Mac operating system in addition to the Windows operating system.

Can you see other people's search history?

2) Spy 24

If you want to know about people’s browser searches history, using this app and its browser spy feature, you can easily reach what you want. In addition to that, this tool has the ability to track social networks such as Instagram and by using this, you can also check the searches and messages of these networks.

3) eyeZy

Can you find someone’s search history? When people think of monitoring personal browsing history, various tracking app come to mind. However, only a few know that parental control apps can be more useful and insightful. Another app that we want introduce to answer can you see other people’s search history, is eyeZy app.

This app can help you view the browsing history of another person. After setting it up on the target device, you can see all the things that

  1. Go to and create an account.
  2. Buy a subscription and wait for the confirmation email to get delivered.
  3. Install the app by following the instructions from the email.
  4. Log in to your dashboard and connect the target device to your account.

Can you see other people's search history?

4) OgyMogy

Can you check someone’s browsing history from another computer? The last app that we want mention is this app. First, you can install OgyMogy computer spy software, to monitor and spy on activities done on Windows PC and laptop devices. It can remotely and secretly track all the activities done on the target computer.

Windows spy software is best used for corporate areas such as employee monitoring and trade secret security. It can also be useful for kids’ computer safety to prevent cyber predators, parental settings, protecting personal information with social media dos and don’ts.

can you check someone's browsing history from another computer?

Delete search history through Google account

Another question that arises is to clear Google’s memory. This method will teach you how to clear the search memory. If you use the Chrome browser connected to your Google account while browsing and searching the Internet, you can delete your Google search history through your account. How to do this is explained below on a computer, But you can also follow the same path through the smartphone browser.

  • Enter the address in your computer or phone browser and press the Enter key. If you log out of your Google account, log in again by entering your Gmail and password.
  • On the main page of Google Account, click on the Data & personalization option in the left panel and then scroll down to reach the Activity and timeline section. Now click on the My Activity option in this section.
  • Note that you will need to re-enter your password at this point. Also, if you have enabled a two-step login, you must enter the verification code again.
  • To delete the Google search history, click on the three dots icon in the upper right corner of the screen (similar to the image below) and then select Delete activity from the opened menu.
  • Now a new window will open with the title Delete Activity, where you should select the desired time to delete records and activities. If you want to delete all user data, click on the All-Time option; Otherwise, the Last hour and Last day options are used to delete the information of a recent hour and a recent day, respectively. Also,
  • by selecting the Custom range option, you can choose your desired period.
  • In the next step, specify the service whose information you want to delete from your Google account. In this section, you can choose various services and tools from Google. If you want to delete all information, click
  • Select All in the upper part of the window and then click Next.
  • In the end, a message confirming the deletion of data will be displayed for you. If you are sure to delete the information, click on the Delete button in the lower corner of the window. If you want to delete a specific search, look for it on the My Activity page, and after finding the desired option, click on the three dots icon and hit Delete.

Can you see other people's search history?

Can you find someone’s search history?

If you asked: can you see other people’s search history? We should say that there are 3 important apps that we introduced in this post on Spy Family. We give you complete information about Team Viewer, Spy 24, eyeZy and OgyMogy. Our goal in this article was to give you a complete answer to this question that: can you find someone’s search history? and help you take care of your child to prevent the impact of violence or anything similar. We hope these apps which we suggested, can be useful for you.

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