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Can anyone spy on WhatsApp calls?

WhatsApp is one of the most popular social messengers that people use to send messages, send audio and photo files, and make audio and video calls. The popularity of this social network has made its security issues very important. In this article presented by Spy Family, we intend to answer this question: Can anyone spy on WhatsApp calls?

WhatsApp calls security

Due to the popularity of using online messengers, the number of these programs is increasing. Among the popular programs in this field, we can mention WhatsApp, Telegram, etc. Definitely, one of the most important things to choose and use these messengers is to confirm the security and ensure that it is safe. Many people use WhatsApp because it is safe; The main slogan of this app, is to protect privacy.

If you want to know Can anyone spy on WhatsApp calls? We should say that WhatsApp secures itself using part of a security protocol developed by Open Whisper Systems. In this protocol, your messages are encrypted and no third party can see them. From April 5 in the new WhatsApp update, all messages use the new encryption system. Currently, all messages such as text messages, images, videos, etc. are encrypted and only those who send and receive the message will be able to see it.

Can anyone spy on WhatsApp calls?

Communicating through WhatsApp calls is very common and practical. The call feature of WhatsApp is the same as other applications. You can make both voice and video calls over the Internet, make group calls, put your phone on speaker and even mute the call. Calling via WhatsApp is very simple. On both Android and iPhone, all you have to do is select the contact number and click the call button. Tap the video call button to make a video call.

As we mentioned, WhatsApp uses the End-to-end encryption method and has spent several years researching and developing it. This encryption is very complex and is considered a big deal for WhatsApp because it apparently runs a system that even itself cannot see users’ messages. This encryption is also used in all WhatsApp messages and calls, so your security is maintained.

If you want to know that can anyone spy on WhatsApp calls? we should say that the security of WhatsApp is high and if you also follow the security tips, it will not be possible to hack and spy on your calls. But if you want to check and spy on the WhatsApp information of your child or loved ones, you can also use the WhatsApp spy app.

Record WhatsApp calls

You may need to record a conversation on WhatsApp, but you don’t want the other person to know about it. There are many conversation recording apps, but the problem with these apps is that they don’t work secretly and give alarms so that a person notices an intrusive program.

If the third party app you are using to record the call does not send any alarms or alerts to the other party when the call is being recorded, there will be no way to detect it. Therefore, it is not possible to prevent that call from being recorded. It is recommended that you make sure the person is reliable when talking to him, so that you don’t get into trouble in the future.


In this article presented by Spy family, we talked about the answer to this question: Can anyone spy on WhatsApp calls? and provided explanations for you. Keep in mind that WhatsApp messengers have relatively high security, but you should also pay attention to security tips and protect your privacy.

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