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Best hidden app lock for iPhone

iPhone apps are more quickly locked than Android. In this article from Spy family, we will introduce the best hidden app lock for iPhone. And we will teach you how to use it this way. If you are interested in these topics, stay with us until the end

Best hidden app lock for iPhone

Below we will introduce you to the best programs to answer this question:

Secure Folder Pro

One of the most powerful programs for the best hidden app lock for iPhone is this program. This program is not free, but considering the money it gets from you, it provides many possibilities. This app is not free; you have to pay $1.99 to get it. However, considering its features, it is a good option.You can save all kinds of files in this program, and there is also a browser to watch videos and photos.

Also, this program has an exciting security system. You can set a fake password for the app, and anyone who tries to log in without your permission will be photographed and reported to you, along with the location of the incident.

Another feature of this program is the ability to log in with fingerprints. Easily access your locked app with your fingerprint. It is easy to work with this program, enter the program and select and lock the desired program in the lock section.

Photo Vault

You may need to lock your photos and videos in addition to the program, this program quickly solves this need and is included in the list of the best hidden app lock for iPhone. This program can easily lock your programs. This program is the best option if you only want to save your photos and videos.

In this program, you can directly import photos and edit them inside the program. An interesting option in this program is that if the wrong password is entered, you can insert fake images into the program so that a person who wants to snoop won’t be caught.

Calculator# Hide Photos Videos

This program is also compatible with all passwords, including fingerprints and Face IDs. If you forget your password, you can recover it using security questions. After installing the program, it is enough to enter the program, choose your desired photo and video gallery in the selection section and then lock them.

Undoubtedly, this program is the top of the best hidden app lock for iPhone. It is considered one of the most attractive iPhone photo and video lock software. The reason for the popularity of this application is its smart design, which has the shape of a standard calculator, and you can enter only by entering the unique password you set. Otherwise, if a person tries to use this program, he will get stuck and only add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers.

In NS Vault, there are different categories for each of your needs, which are as follows:

  • Photos
  • Videos – Videos
  • Gallery – Gallery
  • Audio
  • Files – Documents

After installing the program, enter the app and give the necessary access to the program and choose the password.


In this article from Spy family, we introduced you to the best hidden app lock for iPhone and provided you with all the details of these programs. If you are a user of any of the mentioned programs, share your experiences of using the program in the comment section.

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