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Auto Forward reviews (Auto forward Spy App Apk Free Download)

For parents and employers, Auto Forward Spy app is the greatest cell phone tracking tool. You can check texts, call logs, and more with our iPhone and Android phone monitoring. In this article on Spy Family, we want to talk about Auto Forward reviews. If you want to know about this app, stay with us to get more information.

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Auto forward spy

Spy on a Phone Without Having It The ultimate technique to see their phone activities is to spy on it without having it. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms can be tracked. For quick and easy setup, use an OTA (over-the-air) link. All Android phones and tablets are supported and parents can use it to keep an eye on their children, and employees can use it for tracking.

The Most Effective Method for Keeping Your Children Safe and Your Employees Productive

Instantly keep an eye on your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone. Auto Forward works by accessing and pulling data from a phone over the internet and displaying it on your phone, tablet, or computer. View deleted and fresh texts, call history, GPS position of your phone, and more.

What is the Function of Auto Forward?

The Auto Forward app establishes a remote connection with the monitored smartphone and uploads all available content, including texts, calls, GPS location, and WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter activity, using an OTA (over-the-air) link that you deliver to the target phone. Even if text messages, instant messaging (IMs), and direct messages (DMs) are removed, their full content can be viewed.

To view the action of Auto Forward, you do not need to have the phone with you. Log in to your secure online account to see the data collected from your phone. The information is well-organized for simple reading. You can download and store all of the information in your account for future use.


  • All Android phones and tablets are supported.
  • Compatible with all iPhones and iPads
  • You can access the collected data from any device that can connect to the internet.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • iMessages and Text Messages (old & deleted)
  • Calls
  • Photographs and Videos (old & deleted)
  • e-mail (sent & received)
  • History of your browser
  • Location (GPS)
  • The Internet and Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and many other platforms)
  • All Applications Installed & Running
  • Uninstall from afar
  • Remotely lock your phone (very helpful, if the device is lost or stolen)
  • Remote Picture Taking (using a remote location to activate the target phone’s camera)
  • Alerts for searches (Alerts user when a pre-designated search term is searched on the mobile device)
  • Applications to Be Blocked (Blocks the installation of pre-designated app on the target phone)

Where Do I Begin?

You will receive a confirmation email after purchasing Auto Forward, which will include your download link, username, password, and license key. Easy-to-follow instructions with comprehensive graphics will be provided to show you how to install the program. If you have any problems, please contact our Support Department, who will be pleased to assist you.

Why is it necessary to use Auto Forward?

Auto Forward is a simple and easy-to-use app that requires very little user input to start tracking any cell phone or iPad. When you first turn on Auto Forward, you’ll be able to see all of the activity on the monitored phone or iPad. You may watch everything from the target device on your phone, tablet, or laptop. You don’t need a computer to set up the software, and you don’t need one to keep an eye on the gadget. Everything can be done from the convenience of your own phone.

Auto Forward comes with a cutting-edge user account and dashboard that makes it simple to go through the massive amounts of data that will be available to you once you begin monitoring a cell phone or iPad. Our program includes comprehensive assistance as well as video lessons that demonstrate how to use the various features. Begin using Auto Forward right away to see what a top cell phone monitoring app can accomplish for you!

Auto forward reviews

In recent years, the global market for cell phone spy software apps has grown at a breakneck pace. This rate of growth is startling because, only a few years ago, many of us had no concept of what technology was or how it could help us. It’s possible that many people are still unaware that such technology exists. With recent advancements in mobile communication, it has become necessary for someone to monitor the actions of another person’s phone in certain circumstances. As a result of the increased demand, a number of companies have developed mobile espionage software. However, Auto forward appears to be the best in terms of features, the convenience of use, and pricing.

Cell phone tracking technologies can be used for a variety of reasons. However, parents of young children and corporate executives make up a big percentage of Autoforward users. Spying on someone else’s phone does not appear to be the most considerate thing to do. Some uses of cell phone monitoring technologies, depending on the form of application, cannot be classified as immoral.

Mobile phones have now become an essential part of every child’s life, thanks to the fast-changing social landscape. Giving a cell phone to a child gives parents peace of mind because it keeps them in constant contact with their children. For today’s busy parents, this is a huge relief. Unfortunately, the flip half of the tale can be frightening: most modern cellphones are capable of far more than merely making and receiving calls. These high-end mobile phones have been found to be particularly popular among young and underage users. Needless to say, they abuse their cellphones by using them for a variety of inappropriate activities. Many folks can benefit from a cell phone spy app in this situation.

Do you have complete visibility into what your child is doing with his or her phone now, as a responsible parent? If not, you’re probably not doing enough to ensure your child’s safety online. The way today’s kids access the internet via their mobile phones is a big part of the problem with their mobile usage behavior. The expanse of the internet can make it a potentially dangerous place for young users. Children spend a significant amount of time online on talking sites, social networking platforms, gaming platforms, and even dating sites. Experts believe that children’s fascination with the internet not only wastes crucial study time but also puts them at risk of falling prey to online predators.

In this situation, employing the finest cell phone spy is an ideal way for these parents to keep track of their children’s internet activity. Auto Forward Spy, for example, is particularly popular among parents because it can operate remotely and is well-suited for covert monitoring. Parents who use Auto Forward Spy may effortlessly keep an eye on their children at all times. As a result, they can quickly intervene if things spiral out of control. Cell phone spyware, when used for these objectives, can be an invaluable tool in keeping children safe.

The following are the most compelling reasons for parents to utilize Auto Forward cell phone spy:

Call records, text messages, emails, internet browser history, and much more may all be tracked with Auto Forward. All major social media networks, talking sites, and gaming sites can be monitored with Auto Forward. Autoforward users can track the physical position of the target phone using the GPS tracking tool. Auto Forward can also retrieve outdated and deleted text messages thanks to its advanced message tracking feature. Auto Forward can also be used to remotely lock the target phone. Finally, the most significant advantage of employing Auto Forward is that it operates with minimal access to the device being monitored.

The majority of Auto Forward cell phone spy software users are business owners and managers who are fed up with their workers’ inappropriate use of company phones. Unfortunately, many unethical employees see nothing improper with making personal calls or checking their social media accounts on company-issued mobile phones. This not only results in an unwarranted increase in cell phone costs but also results in the loss of valuable working hours for the company. Many advanced mobile phone functions can be used to misuse or steal important company information, thus business owners should be aware of this.

Businesses that employ Auto Forward have discovered a cost-effective solution to all of these issues. Outdoor activities such as on-site project execution, seeing clients, visiting business partners, and other activities engage a major portion of the workforce in many firms. It is difficult for managers to determine whether these employees are completing their jobs while sitting in the office. Auto Forward, which comes with a powerful GPS physical location monitoring technology, can easily show the exact location of the target mobile device. The device’s stealth camera can also be used to snap images of its surroundings. Anyone can clearly understand how beneficial a cell phone spy app like Auto Forward can be.

Auto Forward is accessible to all types of users, regardless of technical ability. This famous cell phone spy and tracker works with all of the most recent Android handsets. iPads, iPods, and iPhones 12, 11, X, 8, 7, 6, and 5 are also supported (all versions). It should be mentioned that all Apple devices must be jailbroken in order to run Auto Forward Spy. If you want to acquire access to social media information or emails, you’ll need to root the target Android devices as well. When users of this cell phone spy program run into problems, they can seek assistance from a knowledgeable support team.

Auto Forward is perhaps the most affordable of all cell phone monitoring software, despite its numerous appealing features and lucrative rewards. The cost of this surveillance app is only $29.99, and there are no hidden costs.

Many cell phone spying applications are available on the market for monitoring the mobile usage of growing children and irresponsible office workers. Auto Forward, on the other hand, is a must-try if you want complete control over the scenario without burning a hole in your wallet. Start using it right now, and keep an eye on the things that matter to you.

Auto Forward reviews | Android Monitoring App for Parents and Employers

Do you wish to keep an eye on your employee’s or child’s Android phone or tablet? Look no further than the Android Monitoring App Auto Forward!

The ultimate approach to monitoring their phone activities is to spy on an Android without having it.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms

For quick and easy setup, use an OTA (over-the-air) link.

All Android phones and tablets are supported.

Parents can use it to keep an eye on their children, and employees can use it to keep track of

App for Android Monitoring

You can retrieve data from a mobile phone and show it on your device with the Auto Forward cell phone monitoring software. Simply download the software using the OTA (over-the-air) link, then activate it by pressing a few buttons. Even after the data has been removed, it will appear in your control panel precisely as it was on the target device!

After installing the software on the target phone (physical access is required), it pulls data from the phone, including text messages, call records, GPS, social media, and more!

If you’ve been looking for the greatest, most reliable approach to watching your child or employee, Auto Forward is the program for you. Our cell phone tracking software is the best alternative for today’s customers. Fast, simple, and straightforward!

Parents can use Auto Forward to keep an eye on their children, while bosses can use it to keep an eye on company-owned devices.


Viewing Data Doesn’t Require Possession

The dashboard may be accessed from anywhere

All versions of Android phones and tablets are supported.

How Do I Begin?

It’s as simple as 1, 2, and 3 to get started.

1. step

Invest in software.

You will receive a confirmation email with all of your login details shortly after making your purchase.

2. Step

Install the Software

Download the app to the phone you want to monitor using the OTA (over-the-air) link.

3. step

Begin right now!

Log in to your online account to take advantage of the many advantages of cell phone tracking.

Auto Forward – iPhone Monitoring App for Parents and Employers

Auto Forward’s iPhone Monitoring App will track any iPhone. Texts, calls, GPS, emails, images, videos, Facebook, and more may all be monitored!

The ultimate approach to monitoring their phone activities is to spy on their iPhone without having it.

Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and other social media platforms

For quick and easy setup, use an OTA (over-the-air) link.

Compatible with all iPhones and iPads, as well as all iOS versions

Monitoring App for iPhone

For parents and employers, the best iPhone monitoring option. Auto Forward has all of the features you’ll need to keep an eye on any iPhone or iPad. Auto Forward is a significant asset in any case where you need to know the truth because of its quick setup and constant monitoring in virtually real-time.

After installing the software on the target phone (physical access is required), it pulls data from the phone, including text messages, call records, GPS, social media, and more!

If you’ve been looking for the greatest, most reliable approach to watching your child or employee, Auto Forward is the program for you. Our cell phone tracking software is the best alternative for today’s customers. Fast, simple, and straightforward!

Parents can use Auto Forward to keep an eye on their children, while bosses can use it to keep an eye on company-owned devices.


All iPhones and iPads are supported, including the iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone SE, iPhone X, and others.

There’s no need for a jailbreak. Maintain the warranty on your phone.

All iOS versions are supported.

Auto Forward | Features

Everything On The Target Cell Phone Can Be Monitored From Afar

All vital data may now be monitored, recorded, and stored remotely on your online account. When information is changed, you will also receive relevant notifications. Auto Forward does not require the use of a computer. Everything can be done using your smartphone or tablet. Start monitoring any iPhone, iPad, or Android device by downloading the app!

For All Devices, All-In-One Monitoring Features

Auto Forward provides continuous coverage and data for the device you’re monitoring. Text messages, phone calls, GPS, social media, and more can all be viewed on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.


Feature of Automatic SMS Forwarding

SMS (short message service)

Even if they have been erased, all text (SMS) messages are recovered!

Every month, the average user sends and receives over a thousand messages. Are you certain that your child or employee is safe while texting? A lot might go wrong, from sexting and bullying to confidential business information. To protect your children and corporate assets, find out the details of all text messages and filter them.

GPS Location Auto-Forward

Location (GPS)

Easily track the phone’s location on a Google Map at regular intervals.

It’s all about the location, location, location. Do you have any idea where your children are? Are they out of the house when they should be sleeping? Is your employee working from home when they should be on the job? Our GPS feature can assist you. You may be confident that you know exactly where they are thanks to frequent updates (every ten minutes) and precise location information.

Auto Forward on the Control Panel

Auto Forward has established itself as a powerful and user-friendly cell phone monitoring service.

Auto Forward’s popularity among our consumers may be attributed entirely to our Live Control Panel. Users can dynamically access all details pertaining to the target phone using this Live Control Panel. Advanced settings for logs, time triggers, display choices, and more are available to users.

iMessages that are automatically forwarded


The iMessage monitoring tool is essential for those wishing to keep an eye on an iPhone or iPad. View all iMessages and their contents, as well as the phone numbers from which they were sent and received. Auto Forward can also be used to monitor messages from other apps on an iPhone or iPad.

Auto Forwarding of Call Logs

Call Recordings

All call logs on the monitored device should be monitored and filtered.

It is relatively easy to remove call records (history of incoming/outgoing calls) after each discussion, but if you enable Auto Forward, the target phone will be unable to deceive you. Every phone call will be recorded using Auto Forward’s cutting-edge call log technology.

Browser History Auto-Forward

History of your browser

On Chrome, Safari, and other browsers, you can view a phone’s entire internet history.

Is your child or one of your employees browsing sites that could put them in danger? To evade detection, it’s all too easy to remove surfing history and cookies, but with our technology, that would be a thing of the past. Auto Forward provides you with all the information you need about someone’s browsing history, including recent searches and visited websites.

Almost Every Popular Messenger

In popular messaging apps, you can keep track of every text, image, and video that is sent and received.

Easily track communications on WhatsApp, Kik, Facebook, Skype, and Instagram. Get a complete copy of every conversation that takes place within the app. At the press of a button, you can monitor, filter, and control all conversations, files, and actions.

Email Monitoring & Recording

Get easy access to all incoming and outgoing emails.

Those looking to exploit your child or destroy your business may use e-mails as a safe refuge. Block unauthorized e-mail access, keep track of your connections, avoid potentially damaging talks, and safeguard your interests. Allowing an unhappy employee to communicate sensitive information via personal e-mail is not a good idea.

Multimedia Documents

All images, audio, and video files are easily accessible.

Allowing an employee to scan and share vital office data or allowing your youngster to view/send images and videos without your permission is not a good idea. Every photo and video sent/received can be viewed (online, via e-mail, or on your phone) and saved as needed (USB, DVD, hard drive, and other devices)

Features Not Included

Log of Emails

All emails sent or received by your employees, children, or loved ones should be monitored.


Keep an eye on the contacts and calendar appointments on the target phone.

Uninstall from afar

With ease, remotely uninstall our program from the target phone.

Alerts for searches

Set up alerts for when specific terms are typed into the target phone.

Keep an eye on the programs that are now running.

Easily keep track of all installed and running apps on the target phone.

Upgrades are provided at no cost.

Allowing phone updates to get ahead of you is never a good idea! You may monitor your device regardless of manufacturer OS updates with free lifetime upgrades.

Lock your phone from afar

You can lock the target phone remotely at any time and from any location. This capability comes in handy if the smartphone is misplaced or stolen.

Application Restriction

Prevents pre-designated apps from being installed on the target phone.

Taking Photos from a Distance

You can make the target phone snap a picture of its surroundings by activating it.

Commanded by GPS

Upload the device’s current GPS coordinates, which can be displayed on a Google Map.

The Internet and Social Media

On the target phone, access social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and a variety of others.

Messages on WhatsApp

Highster Mobile allows you to effortlessly view all WhatsApp messages as well as communications from other messaging apps.

What can we do to assist?

Our customer service team is available to assist you!

We’d love to hear from you if you have any questions! Please email [email protected] with any questions, requests, recommendations, or whatever else is on your mind. Within 24 hours, one of our nice and professional representatives will respond to you.

Thank you so much for deciding to use Auto Forward!

Parental Cell Phone Monitoring Software | Auto Forward

You can track virtually all of your child’s iPhone or Android smartphone activity with Auto Forward Cell Phone Monitoring Software.

Cellphone Surveillance with Auto Forwarding

View SMS messages, GPS coordinates, and more.

Monitoring of iPhones and Android Phones

Parents and employers can utilize the Auto Forward Cell Phone Monitoring Software for Android and iPhone. If you want to monitor an iPhone, you don’t need to jailbreak it or have access to it.

You’ll be able to easily keep track of a cell phone’s activities. Simply go to your software dashboard on your computer, tablet, or phone to get the details about the phone. It’s that simple!

Parents should use Auto Forward to watch their children, and companies should use it to monitor company-owned devices. Before monitoring company-owned devices used by employees, employers must obtain approval.

Monitor Text Messages | Forward Messages Automatically

With Auto Forward, you can keep track of your text messages. View all text messages, even those that have been erased, from any Android device or supported iPhone or iPad.

Text Messages on All Mobile Devices Should Be Monitored

Obtain communications from the past, present, and future, as well as ones that have been erased.

from a mobile device

Money-back guarantee of 30 days.

Compatible with all smartphones and tablets

Upgrades are free for the rest of your life.

Text Messages Can Be Monitored From Your Own Device

Get fast access to all sent and received text messages, even if they’ve been deleted!

Keep an eye on your text messages.

You can use Auto Forward to keep track of text messages and get OLD & DELETED texts as well as ALL new texts from any Android or iPhone device.

Data from the target phone (the phone you wish to monitor) is captured by Auto Forward Cell Phone Monitoring and Tracking Software and uploaded to your Secure Online Account, where you may view it at any time. All you have to do to see text messages and other activities on the target phone is log into your account, and you’ll see everything exactly as it occurred on the monitored phone. The information from the target phone can be viewed on your own phone, tablet, or laptop. You’ll be able to keep an eye on everything at all times, from anywhere.

SMS Tracker Software allows you to keep track of your text messages.

Have you ever been curious about who your child is texting? Is there someone you really don’t want to text? Is there ever a time when they’re conversing with someone with a strange name like JDU1876? Is all of this making you jittery? Have you ever wished to employ your own private investigator to monitor your child’s phone activity? You can benefit from Auto Forward! You don’t need to be concerned about your child and their technology on top of everything else in this society. Allow Auto Forward to take care of your worries by monitoring your child’s phone usage. You can watch every text message, call, social media activity, and a number of other actions with Auto Forward cell phone monitoring software.

One of the most popular aspects of this software is the text messaging capability. Keep track of every text message sent and received by and from your child’s phone. All of this data is logged in your control panel, providing you with a neat, tidy method to access all of the data gathered from the text message feature and more! The app must be installed on the device you want to monitor for Auto Forward to collect data. All of the data on the control panel is fully secure and private, allowing you to surreptitiously watch your child’s phone.

The best thing you can do for your child is to teach them how to use the internet responsibly and the risks that come with it. You can use cell phone tracking software to keep an eye on them and make sure they’re following your instructions. You may be certain that you’re doing everything you can to ensure that your youngster is utilizing technology securely with the Auto Forward Cell Phone Monitoring Software.

With an Auto Forward Cell Phone, you can keep track of your text messages.

How Can Auto Forward Aid Text Message Spying?

Remember the days when you could overhear a conversation simply by moving to the next room and turning down the television volume? Because of the availability of cell phones, today’s kids are more prone to be secretive about their actions. Do you ever wonder how, in today’s fast-paced digital environment, you can keep track of text messages?

People are as enamored with their cellphones as a fish is with water. They transport them all over the place. They spend the night with them. When they first wake up, they stare at them. Our world is ruled by smartphones, but it’s not all Candy Crush, Facebook, and Fortnite. Our work documents can be easily retrieved by storing them on our phones. For business, we can Facetime or use Skype. In a nutshell, we couldn’t survive without our phones.

Teenagers and the Connected World: Monitoring Text Messages

Tweens and teenagers, in particular, are affected. Today’s technology allows youngsters to easily connect to the world – both the one they know and the one they don’t. “Teens are diversifying,” according to

“Facebook’s days as a one-stop-shop for all social-networking needs are over. Teens’ favorite digital hangout has been the subject of recent publications, but the truth is that they are diversifying these days, dividing their attention across a variety of applications and sites that allow them to write, share, communicate, and meet new people. Sharing photographs on Instagram, posting secrets on Whisper, flirting with individuals on Skout, and sharing jokes on Twitter may appear more complicated, but tweens and adolescents seem to love keeping up with their multiple virtual colonies, each of which provides something unique. (And they’re using social media to do a lot of good!)

You don’t need to know all there is to know about all of the ‘in’ applications and sites right now (because, honestly, if you did, they wouldn’t be popular anymore). However, understanding the fundamentals — what they are, why they’re popular, and what issues might arise if they’re not used appropriately — can mean the difference between a happy and unpleasant experience for your child.”

The Fear of Social Media

With all of this social media activity, it’s no surprise that parents are concerned about their children’s online activities. Texts, chats, photographs, and videos that are inappropriate continue to appear. Stories like this one keep popping up in your social media newsfeed: this young girl met a stranger online and vanished, this young man shared a naked photo and sent a group message, or a drunk party behavior went viral. Two kids are embroiled in an Instagram battle. With celebrities and athletes showing their bad behavior online, kid role models appear to be disappearing, and children are imitating it. How can a parent stay on top of their children’s lives in order to protect them?

The easiest way to stay on top of things is to use cell phone monitoring software that can track text messages, especially if your teenager’s online hangouts change frequently. And it’s unavoidable: as soon as a parent learns about one social media site, the kids are on to the next.

What Is the Process?

Auto Forward Monitoring App, for example, may retrieve all text messages on a target phone, including new, old, and deleted messages. Within minutes of downloading the monitor text messages app, you’ll have fast access to the information you need! You’ll also receive your own user panel, where you’ll be able to see all of your images and videos, as well as all of your texts and social media activity.

Why Is It Important to Monitor Text Messages?

According to a recent Nielsen report published on, the average teen sends approximately 3500 messages every month, with the 13-17 age group sending the most:

“Text messaging is on the rise, particularly among youths aged 13 to 17.” The average teenager now sends 3,339 SMS per month, according to Nielsen. But there’s more: teen females send an average of 4,050 texts every month, compared to 2,539 texts for teen boys. Teens are sending 8% more SMS than they were last year at this time. Other age groups aren’t far behind; the average 18- to 24-year-old sends ‘just’ 1,630 SMS per month. With other age groups, the average only decreases. However, when compared to the previous year, the amount of messages exchanged has climbed in every age group. Texting is now more vital than ever as a form of communication.”

And if you need any more convincing that a text message monitoring tool is important, just look at the recent horrific school shootings and cyberbullying events in the news. A parent may now look at their child’s texts to discover WHO they’re texting, WHAT photographs they’re sharing, and where they want to go. Some may consider it intrusive, while others see it as a modern technique to avoid making a life-changing mistake or to stop undesirable conduct in its tracks.

Remote Control

Another excellent feature of Auto Forward is the ability to watch the target phone from any location and on any device. Are you going on vacation and want to make sure your daughter’s planned party doesn’t happen? Simply log in to your user control panel using your smartphone, tablet, or computer. This cutting-edge program lets you keep track of your loved ones across the country, around the world, or just down the block.

– Keeping Your Company Safe

Monitoring text messages can also help secure your business by allowing you to keep track of your staff both on and off the clock. If you provide company-owned cell phones, cell phone monitoring software such as Auto Forward allows you to track an employee’s whereabouts and guarantee that your hard-earned work hours aren’t being squandered. Auto Forward’s sophisticated monitoring tools can assist businesses such as movers, delivery services, realtors, contractors, and many more.

— The Fast-Paced World Shows No Signs of Slowing

The digital world is accelerating at a breakneck pace with no indications of slowing down. You may remain ahead of the modern curve as a parent or employer by using cell phone tracking software like Auto Forward to monitor text messages, keep track of social media activity, and see all photos and videos put on a target phone.

Parental GPS Location Tracker App | Auto Forward

You may locate your child’s real-time cell phone position using the Auto Forward GPS Location Tracker App to ensure their safety.

With Auto Forward, you may track your phone’s location using GPS.

Instantly locate your child’s current whereabouts!

Locate your child’s cell phone’s GPS coordinates.

On a Google Map, you can easily see where they are.

To protect your child’s safety, keep track of where they are at all times.

GPS Location Tracker That Moves Forward Automatically

You may track your child’s cell phone data, including its location, using the Auto Forward iPhone and Android Phone Monitoring Apps. Parents can use Auto Forward to track and observe their child’s phone location in real-time (within 50ft of the actual location). From the user’s account, the GPS data can be displayed on a Google Map.

It is a parent’s responsibility to know where their child is at all times, whether they are at school or out with friends. You never know if they’ll be pressured by their peers to go somewhere they shouldn’t or if they’ll deviate from their usual route home.

Parental Phone Surveillance and Auto Forwarding

Monitor your child’s text messages, photos, social media posts, and other activities.

Keeping an Eye on Your Child’s Smartphone

The Auto Forward iPhone and Android app make it simple for parents to keep an eye on their children. Know what your youngster is doing on their phone and with whom they are communicating. You’ll have peace of mind knowing they’re secure and not up to anything risky or inappropriate.

You’ll be able to see your child’s text messages, photos and videos taken, and apps they’re using with Auto Forward. You can also look at their social media pages, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

Only parents should utilize Auto Forward to keep an eye on their youngsters.

WhatsApp Parental Control App | Auto Forward

You can track your child’s or employee’s WhatsApp messages, content, contacts, and more with the Auto Forward WhatsApp tracking tool.

WhatsApp Auto Forwarding and Tracking

Instantly monitor your child’s WhatsApp communications!

Capturing WhatsApp app activities is possible.

It’s possible to track WhatsApp communications, even if they’ve been erased.

View all multimedia files that have been emailed, received, uploaded, or downloaded.

Easily keep track of and manage your WhatsApp contacts.

Allows you to interact with the target device in real time.

WhatsApp Tracking App with Auto Forward

Users can check their child’s WhatsApp account activities with the Auto Forward iPhone and Android Phone Tracking App. Parents can view all messages and material shared within the app using Auto Forward. You may also look through their contacts to make sure it’s individuals they know.

Your youngster can communicate with anyone on WhatsApp, including friends and family. They may, however, get into contact with strangers or criminals if they are not properly monitored.

What Is WhatsApp and How Does It Work?

WhatsApp is a free third-party messaging program that allows users to interact with others from all over the world in real-time. Users can send and receive chat messages, voice messages, video calls, audio calls, GPS locations, photographs, movies, files, and other content using this cross-platform communication program.

Apart from its fascinating and useful features, many users prefer WhatsApp because of its accessibility and privacy. WhatsApp, despite being popular and one of the most trusted messaging programs, is not immune to the hazards that lurk on the internet. One of the main reasons Auto Forward introduced the WhatsApp tracking tool to its already extensive array of tracking and monitoring tools is because of this.

Monitoring WhatsApp with Auto Forward

One of the best tools you can obtain is the Auto Forward cell phone tracking software for WhatsApp! And we’re not just saying this because we’re biased. To back up our claims, we have over a million happy clients all across the world.

Auto Forward, unlike free or simple WhatsApp tracking programs, provides detailed and effective monitoring. It’s pre-programmed with algorithms that can extract data in great detail and automatically. This monitoring program quietly operates in the background, extracting and transferring data without compromising the device or any other installed application, with little to no user involvement.

To ensure comprehensive and accurate outputs, Auto Forward employs the most up-to-date and cutting-edge technologies. Despite the intricacy of the codes and algorithms used, this monitoring software has one of the most well-organized and user-friendly interfaces available. Its user-friendly dashboard makes WhatsApp monitoring a breeze.

Aside from WhatsApp tracking, what else does Auto Forward have to offer?

Auto Forward is a trustworthy parenting and business tool in addition to being an effective WhatsApp tracking tool. It’s set up to limit the usage of devices and third-party apps like WhatsApp, making visual access safer and more productive.

Regardless of which bundle you choose, you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck with what Auto Forward has to offer.

Features of Monitoring

GPS locations, SMS text messages, call records, emails, browsing history, photographs, video, audio files, social media platforms, and installed apps are all monitored in real time.

Controls for Parents

Search alerts, content banning, site and app filters, and more are among the built-in safety and security features.

Access from afar

Access and control various features and tools, such as the camera, microphone, and screen lock, from a distance. The software can also be deleted remotely at any moment.

Customer Service

In the unlikely event that you require Auto Forward’s assistance, you may contact our customer service team at any time. We have a team of live IT specialists available through phone or messaging.

Auto Forward | Android Phone Keylogger for Parents

With the Auto Forward mobile phone monitoring app’s Keylogger feature, you may record every keystroke on an Android phone. Attempt Auto Forward Right Now!

Android Keylogger with Auto Forwarding

Texts, Call History, Social Media, and More on an Android Phone!

On an Android phone, keystrokes are automatically recorded.

Real-time notifications for terms that have been flagged as unsuitable or objectionable.

User-friendly UI and streamlined web dashboard.

Affordably priced one-time payment with free software upgrades for the rest of your life.

Customer service that is both accessible and useful.

Android Keylogger with Auto Forward

Parents can use the Auto Forward Android Keylogger to record every keystroke made on their child’s phone. This includes messaging, logging in, accessing the web, dialing a phone number, and other activities.

On an Android phone, a youngster may do almost anything, including friending, following, calling, and texting with anyone they choose. Oversee their Android phone use to verify the people they contact aren’t criminals for their protection and your peace of mind.

With Auto Forward on Android, you can keep track of your keystrokes.

Android phones, like any other phone, include built-in keypads that may be customized or replaced with third-party keypads. Regardless, the ultimate goal is for users to be able to interact with or initiate orders using characters encoded on the keypad.

The practice of recording keystrokes, often known as keylogging, is not new. Several apps capable of performing such operations have been launched to the market for years and have been downloaded and utilized by a large number of people. Auto Forward, unlike any other normal keylogger Android, has been built to work with both traditional keyboards and current and complex key displays.

Auto Forward’s Android phone keylogging feature is one of the most popular among its many monitoring features and parental controls. This is due to the fact that it is developed with multi-layered algorithms that ensure that every single key log is captured, regardless of where on the phone or on which screen they are written in.

Auto Forward’s intricate and elegant keylogger feature makes it an excellent parenting and business tool. Its precise and efficient outputs can greatly assist parents and employers in closely monitoring their children’s phone activities, particularly the content they access, search for, or share online. It might also be used as an extra layer of personal protection, monitoring personal gadgets. When other people frequently borrow your phone, at the very least you’ll be aware of how they use it – what texts they’ve sent or what terms they’ve searched. Overall, Auto Forward’s feature strives to assist customers in protecting their personal or business systems from data compromise, misuse, or breaches.

Above all, this very useful application includes a number of additional capabilities that may allow you to conduct in-depth monitoring and surveillance. You might be able to get a lot more bang for your buck if you make a one-time payment.

What Auto Forward Can Do for You?

Auto Forward is a pioneering and industry-leading monitoring app. Because of its dependability and efficiency, it remains one of the most trusted monitoring software packages on the market. This undetected Android keylogger does more than just record keystrokes and monitors GPS positions.

You may expect to acquire and enjoy these inclusions if you choose to subscribe to any of Auto Forward’s available plans.

Exquisite Tracking and Monitoring Tools – Provides access to important log files, messages, phone logs, photographs, videos, audio files, documents, GPS positions, social media activities, online searches, and more on the target device.

Secure and Safe Monitoring Software — Enables in-depth monitoring without putting devices or networks at risk. It is virus-free, adware-free, and free of other dangerous applications.

Accessible Live Control Panel — This allows you to view and download extracted data from any internet-enabled device using a cloud-based control panel.

Real-Time Remote Access — This allows you to unlock and lock the smartphone remotely, activate and use certain capabilities such as the camera and microphone remotely, and uninstall the app remotely, in addition to viewing all activities and engagements remotely.

Upgrades to the software — All of the plans are available for a one-time fee and include free lifetime upgrades.

Customer Support – In the unlikely event that you require technical assistance or other assistance, they have a team of specialists and a long list of references at your disposal.

Facebook Parental Control App | Auto Forward

You can view everything your child posts on Facebook, who they’re contacting, and more with the Auto Forward Facebook Tracking App.

With Auto Forward, you can track people on Facebook.

Look at your child’s Facebook page to see what they’re up to.

In Messenger, you may see all of your messages and their contents.

Take a look at what they’re like, posting, and sharing on Facebook.

To safeguard your child’s safety, know who they hang out with.

Facebook Tracking App with Auto Forward

You may view your child’s Facebook app account activities using the Auto Forward iPhone and Android Phone Monitoring Apps. Messenger interactions, posts, photographs, videos, their friend’s list, and more are all included. The tracking app dashboard makes it simple to see all of the data.

Your youngster can connect with anyone around the globe using the Facebook social media network. Although it is beneficial for your child to establish friends, you must ensure that they are friends with people they know rather than strangers or criminals.

Instagram Parental Control App | Auto Forward

You can monitor what your child is publishing on Instagram, who they’re messaging, and more with the Auto Forward Instagram Tracker App.

Instagram Auto Forward Tracking

Check out your child’s Instagram chats, posts, and other activities.

In Instagram Direct, you can see all of your conversations as well as any content you’ve shared.

Take a look at what they’re loving, posting, and commenting on.

Ascertain that your youngster is aware of their follows and that they are providing appropriate information.

Instagram Tracking App with Auto-Forward

You can monitor your child’s Instagram app account activities with the Auto Forward iPhone and Android Phone Monitoring Apps. Instagram Direct messages, links exchanged, posts, followers, and more are all included. The tracker app dashboard makes it simple to see all of the data.

Your youngster can follow and connect with friends, relatives, celebrities, influencers, and others on the Instagram social media platform. It’s excellent that kids can communicate with others, but this may make them vulnerable to criminals. Their safety is ensured by monitoring their Instagram activities.

Snapchat Parental Control App | Auto Forward

You can quickly and simply view your child’s Snaps, messages, pals, and more with the Auto Forward Snapchat Tracker App.

View all of your child’s Snaps that he or she has posted and sent to others.

View the messages they’ve sent and received from other Snapchat users.

Check to see whether your youngster is interacting with the wrong individuals.

Snapchat Tracking App with Auto Forward

You can review your child’s Snapchat app account actions with the Auto Forward iPhone and Android Phone Monitoring Apps. This contains both public and private Snaps. The dashboard of the tracker app contains this information.

Your child uses the Snapchat social media site to post Snaps or send private Snaps to other users. Due to the fact that these Snaps vanish after being seen, it’s necessary to employ a monitoring program to catch them.

Kik Parental Tracker App | Auto Forward

You can track your child’s Kik conversations, photographs, videos, contacts, and more with the Auto Forward Kik Tracker App.

Even if your child’s Kik messages have been removed, you can still see them.

Look into the organizations they’re a part of.

Make sure your child only communicates with friends and relatives.

Kik Messenger Tracker that automatically forwards messages

The Auto Forward iPhone and Android Phone Monitoring Apps, which include the Kik App, allow you to track your child’s cell phone data. Auto Forward allows parents to monitor their children’s Kik accounts from afar. Sent and received communications, as well as media files, are among the items that can be accessed.

Your youngster can use Kik to connect with their friends, a group, or a bot. They can personalize their account by selecting from a variety of chat themes. You can use the app to report a specific user or group if you or your child wants to.

Parents’ Skype Tracking App | Auto Forward

You can track your child’s Skype messages, media files, contacts, and more with the Auto Forward Skype Tracking App.

Even if your child’s Skype calls and messages have been removed, you can still see them.

See who your child is calling and when they are calling, as well as the date and time stamps.

Make sure your youngster only contacts people they know and not complete strangers.

Skype Tracker with Auto Forwarding

You can track your child’s phone activities, including Skype, with the Auto Forward iPhone and Android Phone Monitoring Apps. Auto Forward allows parents to remotely monitor their children’s Skype activities. It is possible to view the call log, messages, and media items transmitted and received.

Your youngster can message or call anyone using Skype, including people they don’t know. You can protect your youngster from conversing with criminals, internet predators, and cyberbullies by tracking Skype.

LINE Parental Tracker App | Auto Forward

With the Auto Forward LINE Tracker App, you can quickly and easily monitor who your child is calling and texting on the LINE app.

View all of your child’s LINE messages, as well as their contents.

On the app, you may see all incoming and outgoing calls.

Keep track of who your youngster is talking to.

LINE Tracker that moves forward automatically

You can view your child’s LINE app account activities using the Auto Forward iPhone and Android Phone Monitoring Apps. Auto Forward allows parents to see all messages and calls sent and received through the app.

Your child can communicate with anyone, including friends and relatives, using LINE. They may, however, come into contact with strangers and criminals intending to prey on them if they are not properly monitored.


In this article on SPY Family we talked about Auto forward reviews and we explained details about this tracking app. If you are looking for auto forward spy apk free download, this article can be useful for you. We have fully reviewed the features that this tracking app has to get familiar with them.

Auto Forward Frequently Asked Questions

What is Auto Forward and how does it work?

Auto Forward is an industry-leading cell phone tracking software app that is designed to assist parents in keeping their children safe and employers in maintaining employee efficiency. Auto Forward is at the forefront of this technology’s development and deployment to parents and employers.

Is anything going to be shipped to me?

Your product will be delivered to the email address you provided at checkout as an instant download. Unless you specifically request a physical copy of the program, nothing will be sent to you.

Is there a Customer Service department at Auto Forward?

We appreciate your business and strive to provide the best possible service to all of our clients. When you buy Auto Forward, you get FREE CUSTOMER SUPPORT, which means our specialists will be accessible to answer all of your concerns and, if necessary, help you through the installation procedure. Please visit our support page by clicking here.

Is the phone’s location represented on a real map?

Yes, the phone’s location is displayed on a genuine map in real-time. Google Maps is used for the Auto Forward GPS Feature, which provides unprecedented simplicity of use and accuracy.

How long does it take to install?

In less than 5 minutes, you can have your system up and running.

What Is Auto Forward and How Does It Work?

The Auto Forward Monitoring Software gathers information from the phone on which it is installed. Once installed, the app will collect data from the phone and transfer it to our secure servers. Logging into your Secure Online Account, which is supplied when you purchase the program, will allow you to view this information.

You’ll receive an email with everything you need to get started with Auto Forward. Nothing is being delivered. You’ll find the activation link in the email, which will take you to the installation instructions.

The method for installing the software varies depending on whether you’re monitoring an iPhone, iPad, or Android device. Only the Apple ID and password (iCloud credentials) linked with the device are required for iPhones and iPads. You’ll need to have it for two to three minutes if you’re using an Android phone. You will enter a link (that you will receive from us) into the web browser of the target phone. Enter your license key and the app will be activated on your phone. After you’ve installed the app, you won’t need to touch the phone again.

Will the application continue to function if the individual I’m tracking changes their phone number?

Regardless of whether the target phone number has changed, the application will continue to work.

Is it necessary to reload the app if the target phone number changes?

If the destination telephone number changes, you will not need to reinstall the application or make any adjustments.

Is using Auto Forward legal?

It is allowed for parents to utilize Auto Forward to keep an eye on their children, and for companies to keep an eye on their employees’ company-owned gadgets. Before installing monitoring software on a device, companies must obtain the approval of the employee. Parents have the right to monitor their minor children’s activities.

Otherwise, it is allowed for someone to monitor another person’s cell phone if that person is fully aware of the situation and consents to the monitoring. You should obtain legal advice if you have any queries or concerns about using Auto Forward. The Powerline Group Inc. and Auto Forward are unable to provide legal advice.

The usage of our software for illicit purposes is not tolerated by us. If you have any issues about the legality or usage of something in your area, you should get legal advice.

How long does the software last?

The app does not have a time limit. The software is valid for as long as you use it on a phone or other device that is compatible with it.

What is the maximum number of devices that the program can monitor?

Each purchase includes one active license key, allowing you to track one phone. A separate license key must be acquired for each additional license key.

Is it possible to install Auto Forward from afar?

To install the Auto Forward app, you must have ownership of the phone you wish to monitor for about 2-3 minutes. Possession of the phone is no longer required once the app has been loaded.

Is it necessary for the phone to connect to the internet?

The program does not require internet access on the target phone to work.

Where does the data from the target phone go?

You can have information collected by the target phone delivered straight to your mobile phone or online web account, or you can have it emailed to any email address you designate. In either case, you’ll have immediate access to ALL of the data acquired by the program.

Is it possible to transfer the software from my PC to my phone using a USB cable?

Yes, you can use a USB drive or an internet connection to transfer the software.

Is the phone’s icon visible?

Yes. The Auto Forward icon appears by default in the Applications menu (screens and/or pages) as well as the Applications Manager menu. Unless Auto Forward is uninstalled from the monitored device, the icon cannot be deleted and will stay displayed.

Is it necessary for me to have the target phone number?

No, if you’re installing the app on the target phone, you won’t need the target phone’s phone number.

Is it possible to use prepaid phones?

Yes, the majority of prepaid phones are accepted. CLICK HERE for a list of supported phones.

What features necessitate rooting?

It is not necessary to root the Android device.

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